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Dr. Daniel Coren

Daniel Coren Headshot
Department of Philosophy, University Hall – 314
905-525-9140 ext. 23881
Office Hours:
TBA (Term II Course)

Dr. Daniel Coren, who teaches ARTSSCI 1BB3 / Argumentation, is Assistant Professor (CLA) in the Department of Philosophy at McMaster. In 2019-20, he will also be teaching PHILOS 1B03 / Law, Philosophy, and Society, PHILOS 2P03 /Ancient Greek Philosophy, IBH 2AE3 / Critical Thinking, and PHILOS 4K03 / Seminar in Ancient Philosophy.

Dr. Coren has taught philosophy at the university/college level since 2011. He has taught courses in the history of philosophy (ancient Greek and Roman, and early modern), political philosophy, ethical theory (upper level), and other areas. He did his Honours BA (2011) and MA (2013) in Philosophy at McMaster and his PhD in Philosophy at the University of Colorado Boulder (2019). His research focuses on historical (especially ancient Greek and Roman) and contemporary discussions of agency and responsibility. As well as his representative publications below in peer-reviewed journals such as Ancient Philosophy and Synthese, Daniel has revised manuscripts currently under consideration at American Philosophical QuarterlyAnalytic PhilosophyInquiry, and Apeiron.

Publications include: “Evaluating Epistemic Virtues.” Synthese, 2019; “Epistemic Conservatism and Bare Beliefs.” Synthese, 2019; “Freedom, Gratitude, and Resentment: Olivi and Strawson.” Res Philosophica 96 (2019): 1-21; “Alternate Possibilities and Moral Asymmetry.” Acta Analytica 33 (2018): 145-159; “On Young’s Version of the Principle of Alternate Possibilities.” Philosophia: The Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 45 (2017): 585-594; Response by G. Young, “A response to Coren’s objections to the principle of alternate possibilities as sufficient but not necessary for moral responsibility.” Philosophia: The Philosophical Quarterly of Israel 45: 1365-1380; “Always Choose to Live or Choose to Always Live.” Southwest Philosophy Review 34 (2018): 89-104; “Anthropocentric Biocentrism in a Hybrid.” Ethics and the Environment, 20/2 (2015): 48-60; “Aristotle against (unqualified) self-motion: Physics VII 1 ?241b35-242a49 / ?241b25-242a15.” Ancient Philosophy; “Making Sense of the Sentence: Aristotle’s EN 1094a18-22.” Journal of Philosophical Research 43 (2018): 205-22; “Why Does Aristotle Defend the Principle of Non-Contradiction Against its Contrary?” The Philosophical Forum 49 (2018) 39-59; Cited in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry entitled “Aristotle on Non-contradiction”; “Aristotle on Self-Change in Plants.” Rhizomata, 2019; [book review} “Aristotle on Political Community.” Ancient Philosophy 38 (2018): 222-225.