Individual Study (3X03)

This course (ARTSSCI 3X03) consists of study under the supervision of a McMaster faculty member.

Course Coordinator: Dr. Jean Wilson



Student Supervisor Title
2017-2018 Term I
Molly Gao Dr. Sean Park A Qualitative Exploration of China’s Lost Generation
Tatiana Gayowsky Dr. Ranil Sonnadara Exploring Factors That Influence Memory for Musical Key
Martha Kilian Dr. Gelareh Zadeh Recurrent Meningioma Responses to Treatment
Nick Maizlin Dr. Hongjin Sun Does the Useful Field of View Change with Driving Experience?
Camilla Michalski Dr. Olive Wahoush Healthy Food Access and Security in Hamilton
Faryal Minhas Dr. Sheila Singh LMM Morphology Management: Differences in Patient Outcomes
Talia Moretti Dr. John Maclachlan Sustainable Printing in the Faculty of Science
Anjali Sergeant Dr. Russell de Souza Influence of Physician Sex on Patient Care and Outcome
Hailey Wright Dr. Michael Surette Developing Image Acquisition and Analysis System for C. Elegans
2017-2018 Term II
Stephanie Bertolo Dr. Jim Dunn Place-Based Policy Impacts within Neighbourhoods
Sophia Kooy Dr. Jean Wilson German Language Study: Kafka’s Metamorphosis
2017-2018 Summer
Sophia Kooy Dr. Travis Kroeker Close Reading of Kierkegaard’s Confessional Writings
2016-2017 Term I
Yasa Ibragimova Dr. Jean Wilson Munro and Atwood: The Role of the Reader
Anamika Mishra Dr. Kjetil Ask Impact of HTH SCI 4DM3 on Student Experience
Ryan Stevenson Dr. Jean Wilson Censorship in Apartheid-Era South African Literature
Spencer Williams Dr. John Maclachlan Perceptions of LEED Certification in the City of Hamilton
2016-2017 Term II
Jamie Beverley Dr. Brian Baetz Engineering Inquiry
Sunanna Bhasin Dr. Jean Wilson Immigration and Relocation in Fiction
Maverick Chan Dr. Deepak Dath Teaching Communication Skills in Clinical Practice
Sutina Chou Dr. Cathy Grisé Canadian Authors: Databank Project
Danya El-Ahmed Dr. Karen Bird Youth Launch of EXCLerator Report
Korry Garvey Dr. Karen Bird EXCLerator Report Media Project
Gali Katznelson Dr. Brian Baetz Engineering Inquiry
Kevin Maynard Joe LaRose The Buddhist Path in Non-Normative Sources
Balie Tomar Dr. Richard Harris The Impact of the LRT on Hamilton’s East End
2015-2016 Term I
Suzy Flader Dr. Steven Brown Exploration into Narrative Theory
Matthew Jordan Dr. Richard Arthur Understanding Electricity through Thought Experiments and Analogies
Max Lazar Dr. Jean Wilson Negotiating Multiple Cultures
Varun Puri Dr. Petra Rethmann Gentrification on Hamilton’s James St. N.
Rachelle Zalter Dr. Steven Brown Exploration into Narrative Theory
2015-2016 Term II
Kira Feldman Dr. Mat Savelli Perspectives on Transcultural Psychiatry
Jelena Poleksic Dr. Elizabeth Gedge The Rhetoric of Physician-Assisted Suicide
2015-2016 Summer
Maverick Chan Dr. Ranil Sonnadara Surgical Foundations Bootcamp at McMaster University
Elliott Yee Dr. Deda Gillespie Expression of Synaptic Proteins in Developing Brainsteam


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