Individual Study / Thesis (4A06 / 4C06)

Every Arts & Science student planning on taking a level IV individual study or thesis course should carefully review the course outline: Course Outline – 4A06/4C06 (2017-2018)

Course Coordinator: Dr. Jean Wilson


2018 Thesis Presentations Schedule


Student Supervisor Title
Ben Anthony Dr. Beth Marquis Student Engagement in Undergraduate Populations
Danielle Canagasuriam Dr. Lana Wylie The Place of Journalistic Ethics in Political Satire
Maverick Chan Dr. Ranil Sonnadara Decision Making in Medical Training
Sutina Chou Dr. Lana Wylie Medical Internationalism in Cuba’s Foreign Policy
Curtis Cook Dr. Olive Wahoush Food Insecurity among McMaster University Students
Emily Current Dr. Suzanne Crosta Twentieth Century Women’s French Literature
Zachary de Jong Dr. Brian Baetz Creating Sustainable Communities in Hamilton
Jasmine Dzerounian Dr. Ann Fudge Schormans Adults with Autism: Experiences of Friendship
Molly Gao Dr. James King Reflections on the Chinese Cultural Revolution
Liana Glass Dr. John Maclachlan Home: Sense of Place in the Beasley Neighbourhood
Amara Gutierrez Dr. Vickie Galea Explorations of Dance and the Mitzvah Technique
Marco Handa Dr. Tony Porter On “Truth” and “Post-Truth:” an Interdisciplinary Study
Peter Hillson Dr. Robert O’Brien Transnational Municipal Networks in Climate Governance
Alessia Hughes Hartley Jafine Arts-Based Careers and Societal Bias
Aakashdeep Khehra Dr. Mat Savelli Illness Narratives in Music
Henry Krahn Anton Piatigorksy The Ascetic: A Novel
Paulina Krapels Dr. Jennifer Ostovich Academic Self-Efficacy and High School Education
Tianqi Lei Dr. David L. Clark Considerations on Freedom and the Role of the Academy
Yan Yan Li Dr. Cathy Grisé Songs and Poems in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings
Andrew Lonsdale Dr. John Maclachlan Hamilton GIS Analysis
Macklin Loosley-Millman Dr. Eugenia Zuroski The Transformation of the YA Robinsonade
Aminata Mageraga Dr. Stephanie Premji Health and Well-Being in First-Generation Students
Griffin Marsh Dr. Vanessa Watts Colonialism in the Canadian Environmental Movement
Racquel Martin Dr. Miroslav Lovric Are Accommodation Services the Cure for Math Anxiety?
Sarah Maude Dr. Daniel Ambrosini Personality and Perceptions of Biometric Technology
Arakel Minassian Dr. James King Monte: A Novella
Anamika Mishra Dr. Kjetil Ask Measuring Student Learning in HTHSCI 4DM3
Talia Moretti Dr. Robert O’Brien Beyond Partisanship: Climate Policy in California and Texas
Ruvimbo Musiyiwa Dr. Philip Savage Blurred Lines: A YouTube Case Study
Stephen Officer Dr. Michel Grignon Pharmaceutical Innovation, Funding, and Access
Alexia Olaizola Dr. Olive Wahoush Attitudes Towards Refugee Resettlement in Hamilton
Sara Pesko Dr. Beth Marquis Germline Gene Editing: Public Concerns and Law
Myfannwy Pope Dr. Jim Dunn Air Quality Risk Communication in a Hamilton Newspaper
Josiah Schaafsma Dr. P.K. Rangachari A Comparison of Learning Academics vs. Craft
Sarina Sharma Dr. Beth Marquis Portrayal of Asian Americans in English-Language Media
Jamie Sheidow Dr. Ayesha Khan Stress and the Fall Break
Emile Shen Dr. Mat Savelli Race and Mass Incarceration in America
Sophia Silverton Dr. Greg Flynn Anti-Northern Gateway Activists in the Judicial Arena
Emily Siskos Anju Joshi Remaining Resilient with Chronic Illness
Thipiga Sivayoganathan Dr. Mat Savelli Evaluation of Open Circle’s Well-Being Courses
Noah Spencer Dr. Amiram Gafni Philanthropy and an Ontario Hospital
Tiffany Sun Dr. Lisa Kaida Conceptualizations of Career Success
Stephanie Sushko Dr. James King Below the Surface: A Gothic Novella
Claire Sweeny Dr. Andrew Mitchell Children and Suzuki Piano: The Best First Step?
Clare Tazzeo Dr. Jonathan D. Adachi Clinical Evaluation of Osteoporosis EMR Tool
Carly van Egdom Dr. Corinne Schuster-Wallace Marginalization and Maternal and Newborn Health
James Wilding Hartley Jafine Applied Drama in Legal Education
Harrison Winch Dr. Cliff Burgess Non-Local Photon Interactions in the Vicinity of Black Holes
Jasmine Wright Dr. Alina Sajed Memorialization Practices of the Srebrenica Genocide
Angela Xie Dr. Mat Savelli Eating Disorder Treatment: Barriers to Access
Sunny Yun Dr. Karen Balcom NAACP Litigation Strategy in Brown v. Board of Education
Michelle Zhitomirsky Bridget O’Shaughnessy Legalizing Prostitution in Canada

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