Individual Study / Thesis (4A06 / 4C06)

Every Arts & Science student planning on taking a level IV individual study or thesis course should carefully review the course outline: Course Outline – 4A06/4C06 (2017-2018)

Course Coordinator: Dr. Jean Wilson


2018 Thesis Presentations Schedule


Student Supervisor Title
Andrea Abeysekara Dr. Anne Savage Exploring AIs in Film and Literature
Jordan Anastasiadis Dr. Jeffrey Donaldson Exploring Canadian Landscape through Lyric and Poem
Jessica Attalla Hartley Jafine Perceptions of Mental Health: Fighting the Stigma
Kaelan Brooke Dr. Jeffrey Ennis Analysis of Chronic Pain Database to Predict Outcome
Amy Chen Dr. John Maclachlan Graffiti Mapping in Hamilton
Emma Chilton Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh Resistance to French and British Colonial Law in East Africa
Zoe Davidson Dr. Tracy McDonald Enlightened Milking? Robotic Dairy Farming in Canada
Michael Donolo Dr. John Maclachlan Assessing Urban Sprawl in Hamilton
Danya El-Ahmed Dr. Julija Kelecevic Ethics of Medical Interpretation
Benjamin Feldman Dr. Rob Wilton Geographical Thought and the Camera
Liam Gordon Dr. Laura Parker The Origins of Super-Massive Black Holes
Kristen Gracie Anton Piatigorsky The Republic: A Novel
Rachel Guitman Dr. Mat Savelli Gender and Mental Health in the Soviet Union
Juliana Harris Dr. Cathy Grisé Gender Roles in Shakespeare’s Problem Plays
Peter Kerrigan Dr. Anne Savage A Boy and His World: A Collection of Short Stories
Manisha Khindri Dr. Ashish Pujari Sustainable Innovations: Drivers, Processes, and Outcomes
Sophia Kooy Dr. Jaeyoon Song Topics in Chinese Philosophy
Sarah Krymalowski Dr. Ellen Ryan Older Adults’ Perceptions on Mental Health and Wellbeing
Adelaide Leo Dr. Kathryn Mattison An Anthropological Study of International Flood Myths
Valerie Leutke Dr. Robin Cameron Disease Resistance in Cavendish Bananas
Nick Maizlin Dr. Hongjin Sun New Drivers’ Eye Movement Patterns and Driving Risk
Keerthi Manimaran Dr. Rhona Mary Shaw Canada’s Universal Healthcare
Paige Mawson Dr. Beth Marquis Memory in Modernity: The Future of Never Again
Avery McNair Dr. Nadine Ijaz Traditional Health Care and Refugee Populations
Rachel McVittie Dr. Nikolai Penner Linguistic Change in Fables and Fairy Tales
Erin Mierdel Dr. Catherine Frost The Politics of Music
Lydia Mills Dr. Beth Marquis Canadian Policy, Culture and the National Film Board
Dunavan Morris-Janzen Dr. Kristina Trim Harm Reduction for Hamilton Drug Users
Nandini Nair Dr. Sarah Symons Student Perceptions of Active Learning in Biology
Sadie Neufeld Dr. Jennifer Ostovich Sexual Education through Technology Usage in Children
Laura Newcombe Dr. Beth Marquis Visual Novels: Interactive Choices and Shaping Truth
Melissa Paglialunga Hartley Jafine A State of Transition: A Workshop for Theatre and Business
Annecy Pang Dr. Mat Savelli Perceived Competition Among University Students
Lauren Peters Dr. Peter Cockett Adulthood
Nicole Peters Dr. Peter Cockett The Gendered World of Sport Reporting
Divya Prasad Dr. Rachael Finnerty The Impact of Music Therapy on Individuals with Dementia
Avery Qurashi Dr. Mat Savelli Exploring Mental Illness in Theatre
Adrienne Ralph Dr. Jennifer Ostovich Prejudice & Politics: A Social Psychology Perspective
Robert Redelmeier Dr. Brian Baetz The Ethical Governance of Artificial Intelligence
Natalie Sapieha Dr. Beth Marquis Representation of Women in Anime Film
Anjali Sergeant Dr. Mat Savelli Individualizing Socioeconomic Burdens and Mental Illness
Theodore Simantirakis Dr. Jonathan Reeves A Martial Artist’s Perspective on Hoplite Warfare
Anastasia Smolina Dr. Troy Farncombe Full-ring SPECT/MR Imaging Optimization
Hannah Willms Dr. James Gillett Transitions in Body and Exercise Perceptions
Hailey Wright Dr. Patrick Bennett Neural Processing of Face Perception
Melanie Yin Dr. Bill Scarth Alternative Macroeconomic Analyses of Income Inequality
Jasmine Zhang Dr. Victor Kuperman Emotional Responses to Lexical Conflicts

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