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Global Justice Inquiry Course

The Arts & Science Program is again pleased to offer ARTSSCI 3GJ3 / Global Justice Inquiry. Please see below for course details. For more information, please contact Arts & Science Program Administrators Shelley Anderson ( or Rebecca Bishop (

Arts & Science 3GJ3: Global Justice Inquiry
Selected Topic in 2018-19 (Term 2): Food Justice
Instructor: Dr. Nadine Ijaz

Course Description

Using an inquiry methodology, students will explore issues pertaining to global justice through an interdisciplinary lens.

Registration open to students in the Faculties of Business, Engineering, Health Sciences, Humanities, Science, Social Sciences, and the Arts & Science Program.

The prerequisite for the course is registration in Level III or above.crop2

Global Justice Collaboratory Workshop: Diversity and Inclusion

On 30 January 2016, the Arts & Science Program and the McMaster Global Justice Hub hosted the inaugural McMaster Global Justice Collaboratory Workshop. The event commenced with an eye-opening and inspiring keynote address by Dr. Eugėne Nshimiyimana, Chair of the Department of French, who challenged and encouraged the large group of students, faculty, and community members with his unique perspectives on the workshop theme of Diversity and Inclusion.

Taking valuable lessons from this talk, participants subsequently worked in smaller groups to apply the ideas raised by Dr. Nshimiyimana to important contemporary challenges, such as the social impact of #BlackLivesMatters and the implications of institutional discrimination.DSCF0116crop2

The day concluded with meaningful dialogue regarding these issues in a full group setting. The lively exchange, facilitated by Arts & Science professor Dr. Gary Warner, proved to be such a welcome opportunity for energetic and collaborative discussion that future gatherings and initiatives are currently being planned by the Global Justice Hub Advisory Committee. Sincere thanks to all who participated and to key organizers Dr. Beth Marquis and Arts & Science student Maverick Chan for all they did to make this such a productive and exciting event!

Global Justice Public Lecture with Founder of Doctors Without Borders (Canada)

Global Justice Public Lecture- Dr. R. HeinzlThe Arts & Science Program hosted a Global Justice Public Lecture on Mon. 21 Sept. 2015, 4:30pm, MDCL-1105, with Dr. Richard Heinzl, founder of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (Canada).

Dr. Heinzl graduated from McMaster’s medical program in 1987, before founding the first North American branch of DWB. He currently is working on a new project examining innovative ways for doctors to consult online to improve how medicine is practiced around the world.

Please see the poster for full event details.

ARTSSCI 3GJ3 Mentors

Mentors who have had experience working internationally and/or locally on water-related projects serve as contributors to the learning experience of undergraduate students in ARTSSCI 3GJ3: Global Justice Inquiry. They are matched up with 1-2 students to share professional and personal experiences in relation to the student’s research and/or career goals.


Mentor Co-ordinator: Artsci Alum Caitlin Allan

Sarah Angus, Dr. Mark Busser, Sarah Doyle, Dr. Monika Dutt, Dr. Catherine Frost, Dr. Dustin Garrick, Dr. John Grant, Jonathan Grant, Daniel Lawlor, Dr. Sheri Longboat, Dr. Boris Martin, Clara Matheson, Dan McKinnon, Wade Poziomka, Nitasha Puri, Sophie Roher, Dr. Fran Scott, Rebecca Sutton, Dr. Jose Zarate


Mentor Co-ordinator: Artsci Alum Patrick Byrne

Sarah Angus, Dr. Mark Busser, Sarah Doyle, Dr. Catherine Frost, Dr. Dustin Garrick, Dr. John Grant, Daniel Lawlor, Dr. Sheri Longboat, Dr. Boris Martin, Clara Matheson, Dan McKinnon, Prav Pillay, Wade Poziomka, Dr. Gary Purdy, Nitasha Puri, Dr. Fran Scott, Rebecca Sutton, Dr. Jose Zarate



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