Travel Awards

There are several Travel and Exchange Scholarships that are available to Arts & Science students. Please see below for descriptions of the scholarships and their monetary value.

Travel Scholarships

The Class of ’37 Travel Scholarship in Arts and Science

Established in 1989 by the Graduating Class of 1937 in celebration of their 50th anniversary and augmented by friends of the Arts and Science Program. To be awarded to a student who has completed Level I and an additional 30 – 72 units of an Honours program in the Arts and Science Program. Applicants should have demonstrated a lively interest in developing countries. The purpose of this award is to enable the winner to spend the summer, immediately following its receipt, working and/or studying in a developing country.

Value: $1,300

The John P. Evans Travel Scholarship

Established in 1991 by many friends, colleagues, students and graduates of McMaster University as a tribute to John (Jack) P. Evans upon his retirement as Associate Vice-President, University Services and Secretary of the Board of Governors in recognition of his 25 years of outstanding contribution to the University Community. To be awarded to a student who has completed at least 30 units beyond Level I of an Honours program with notable academic standing and has demonstrated a scholarly interest in some aspect of Asian languages, history or cultures, with preference being given to a student wishing to study in China.

Value: $1,500

The Jimmy Fong International Outreach Travel Award in Engineering

Established in 2006 by Jimmy Fong, B.Eng.Mgt. (Class of ’82). To be awarded to a student who, in the judgment of a selection committee, demonstrates high academic achievement, and is pursuing an international relief and development project under the auspices of Engineers Without Borders in an underdeveloped, disadvantaged area outside of North America. Preference to be given to a student in the Faculty of Engineering and/or a project in China.

Value: $2,500

The Susan Vajoczki Legacy Travel Scholarship

Established in 2013 by the family, friends and colleagues in memory of Susan Vajoczki, Professor of Geography and Earth Sciences, and Director of the Centre for Leadership and Learning. To be awarded to a student who has completed at least Level II in any program in the Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, or the Arts and Science Program and who, in the judgement of the School of Geography & Earth Sciences has achieved notable academic standing, and is pursuing research in the fields of pedagogy (teaching and learning) or Earth Sciences who could benefit from travel.

Value: $1,000

The Howard P. Whidden Scholarship

Established in 1941 by the Honourable Jacob Nicol (Class of ’00) of Sherbrooke, Quebec, in honour of Chancellor Howard P. Whidden, with a view to fostering relations of friendship and understanding between French-speaking and English-speaking Canadians. To be awarded to a student who has completed six units of French and who shows ability and promise in the use of the French language. The recipient will study at a Quebec university during the summer.

Value: $1,500

The T. Russell Wilkins Memorial Scholarship

Established in 1963 by bequest of Mrs. T. Russell Wilkins (B.A. ’18 Brandon, M.A. ’32), daughter of former Chancellor Howard P. Whidden, in memory of her husband, Dr. T. Russell Wilkins (Class of ’11). Two scholarships to be awarded to students in their penultimate level of an Honours program in Arts and Science, Health Sciences or Science who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement. In addition, the students should demonstrate a lively interest in the humanities and in the human and social implications of scientific developments. The purpose of the scholarship is to enable the winners to spend the summer before the final Fall/Winter session in travel and study outside Canada.

Value: $4,600 each

Exchange Scholarships

The Beale-Lincoln-Hall Exchange Scholarship

Established in 1996 by Arnold A. Beale in memory of his parents F. Arnold Beale and Margaret S. Beale and Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gould Lincoln and Commander Harley H. Hall, U.S.N. To be awarded to students who demonstrate high academic standing and are participating in one of McMaster’s formal exchange programs. Preference will be given to students enrolled in a program in Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Commerce, Cultural Studies and Critical Theory, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Engineering Physics, English, French, Geography, History, Materials Science, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Physics or Religious Studies and who demonstrate a lively interest in the humanities and the human and social implications of scientific developments.

Value: $2,000

The Rundle Foreign Study Scholarship

Established in 2011 by the Rundle Foreign Study Bursary at Hamilton Community Foundation. To be awarded to a student who has completed at least 30 units beyond Level I and who, in the judgment of the Selection Committee, has attained notable academic achievement. The purpose of the scholarship is to provide financial assistance to students who are participating in one of McMaster’s formal exchange programs in a country where English is not the first language and who have graduated from a publicly funded secondary school in the Hamilton-Wentworth area.

Value: $2,500

Killam Fellowships Program (Presented by Fullbright Canada)

The Killam Fellowships Program provides an opportunity for students from Canadian institutions to spend either one term or a full year studying at a host school in the United States while still paying their home tuition and fees to McMaster. Killam Fellows participate in an Orientation program in Ottawa in the fall and again in a seminar in Washington D.C. in the spring (all costs are covered for both trips).

Value: $5000 US per semester, plus health insurance allowance


  • Canadian citizenship
  • Full-time undergraduate student in good standing
  • Requirements for exchange met
  • Fluency in English (or French where applicable)
  • Please visit the information page for Killam Fellowships here.

2013-14 Arts & Science Recipient: Robert Godfrey (for study at the University of Washington)
2011-12 Arts & Science Recipient: Amy Tang (for study at Smith College)

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