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Arts & Science Program

Artsci Course Enables All-New Exchange Experience for Students

Students on exchange

Did you know that up to 25% of Arts & Science students spend all or part of their third year studying abroad? In any given semester, you’ll find Artscis far afield — Japan, Singapore, Australia, or New Zealand; Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, or the Netherlands; Israel, Lebanon, Colombia, or Uruguay. And while the benefits of […]

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Artsci Students Discover Novel Uses for Underutilized Wood

Artsci students in the Dundas Valley

From poplar and tamarack to white birch and cedar, a handful of tree species that grow in Ontario’s boreal forest produce wood types that have an underdeveloped commercial market. As a result, many forest management companies elect not to harvest these trees, despite the important role harvesting plays in suppressing wildfires, maintaining habitats, and preventing […]

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Arts & Science Students Shine in Third-Annual Artsci Musical

Cast and crew of Artsci musical

The year is 2219. Earth is recovering from a catastrophe called The Fission, during which a hoard of Sasquatch unleashed great calamity upon the planet. The last remaining humans are holed up on what remains of McMaster University’s campus. Separated into small hostile factions — Engineers, HealthScis, Commerce, Humanities, and Kinesiology students — the survivors […]

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