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The New World of Work Forum

Bruce MiyashitaThe New World of Work Forum is funded through a generous gift by Arts & Science alumnus Bruce Miyashita. The Forum is designed to provide hands-on project management experience to four students chosen to serve on the Student Project Management Team as well as to bring in speakers and presenters to interact with Arts & Science Program students on topics that reflect the world of work in the 21st century.

The Forum aims to provide invaluable networking opportunities for the students, to give them a broader and deeper understanding of the new world of work, including in the business world, and to inspire them to think about the many ways in which business, humanities, the sciences, and other disciplines are interconnected and mutually synergistic.

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2022 Forum Learn More

The 2021-22 Forum took place virtually (Hopin) Mon. 7 Feb. to Fri. 11 Feb. 2022 (Click below to see full schedule).

The 2021-22 Student Project Management Team: Serena Balzer, Anitra Bowman, Sanjana Shah, and Elizaveta Zvereva.

The 2021-22 Forum Alumni Participants: Stephanie Bertolo, Sunanna Bhasin, Robert Brookfield, Claire Browne, Meg Casson, Heather Cohen, Nathan Cupido, Cassandra Devenyi, Lily Green, Michael Hewlett, Michelle Hudson, Kathleen Huth, Caitlin Jago, Evan Jones, Alexis Karasiuk, Ian McIntosh, Dan Milisavljevic, Bruce Miyashita, Emma Mulholland, Rhea Murti, Melissa Paglialunga, Sophie Roher, Sarah Sandor, Josiah Schaafsma, Nadia Stuewer, Chioma Ume, Desiree Valadares, Catherine Wiebe, Gil Yaron

2021 Forum Learn More

The 2020-21 Forum took place virtually (Microsoft Teams) Sun. 17 Jan. to Sat. 23 Jan. 2021 (Click below to see full schedule).

The 2020-21 Student Project Management Team: Nisha Gill, Henry Challen, Isabel Diavolitsis, and Katerina Simantirakis

The 2020-21 Forum Alumni Participants:
Ben Barrett-Forrest, Heather Cohen, Laura Collinson, Nathan Cupido, Anna D’Angela, Kayla Esser, Shawn Fazel, Suzy Flader, Alessandra Gage, Michael Hewlett, Michelle Hudson, Larry Innes, Caitlin Jago, Kristin Janson, Louise Jessup, Matthew Jordan, Leanna Katz, Ian Philp, Prav Pillay, Meghan Provost, Anu Rao, Ashley White, Catherine Wiebe

Group of students at the New World of Work Forum

2020 Forum Learn More

The 2019-20 Forum took place on Saturday 29 February 2020 from 10am-4pm at the David Braley Health Sciences Centre. See coverage here: A Leap Day to Remember: Arts & Science 2020 New World of Work Forum.

The 2019-20 Student Project Management Team:
Julia Menezes, Ryan Edwards, Emma Yim, and Gillian Young

The 2019-20 Forum Alumni Participants:
Mark Belan, Erik Brown, Stephen Clare, Heather Cohen, Monika Dutt, Jon Farrow, Shawn Fazel, Simon Gooding-Townsend, Tushar Mehta, Bruce Miyashita, Corey Osborne, David Sandomierski, Kerry Scott, Nisha Thampi, and Fiona Woticky


New World of Work Participants

2019 Forum Learn More

The 2018-19 Forum took place on Saturday 2 March 2019 at the David Braley Health Sciences Centre. See coverage in McMaster’s Daily News: Artscis Past & Present Come Together at the 2019 New World of Work Forum.

The 2018-19 Student Project Management Team:
Sarah Brooks, Luiza Araujo, Michelle Zilbergerts, and Maanvi Dhillon

The 2018-19 Forum Alumni Participants:
Asim Alam, Vass Bednar, Sunanna Bhasin, Erik Brown, David Campbell, Nathan Cupido, Anna D’Angela, Mack Gillies, Richard Hendriks, Leanna Katz, Bruce Miyashita, Emma Mulholland, Prav Pillay, Rebekah Pullen, Varun Puri, Erica Roebbelen, and Jane van Koeverden

2018 Forum

2018 Forum Learn More

The 2017-18 Forum took place on Sunday 4 March 2018 at the McMaster Innovation Park. See coverage in McMaster’s Daily News: Arts & Science Program Holds Inaugural New World of Work Forum.

The 2017-18 Student Project Management Team:
Danielle Canagasuriam, Nick Maizlin, and Sophia Silverton

The 2017-18 Forum Alumni Participants:
Jackie Brown, Heather Farnworth, Cary Ferguson, Evan Jones, Stephanie McLarty, Bruce Miyashita, Erin O’Neil, Shohreh Soltaninia, and Emily Trudeau