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Arts & Science Program

Artsci-MacPherson Institute

The Arts & Science Program and the MacPherson Institute have collaborated in developing exciting opportunities for Arts & Science students who are interested in pedagogical research and innovation. This collaboration has culminated in the creation of “student partner” positions and an innovative course, ARTSSCI 3F03.

Artsci & MacPhersonARTSSCI 3F03 / Experiential Project in Teaching and Learning

ARTSSCI 3F03 provides an exciting opportunity for Arts & Science students to conduct research on teaching and learning in return for course credit. Click here for details!

Artsci-MacPherson Institute Student Partners

Artsci & MacPherson

The Student Partners Program provides an opportunity for students from Level I to Level IV to contribute to the enhancement of teaching and learning at McMaster by participating meaningfully in a range of projects currently underway at the MacPherson Institute. Students become full members of project teams, and often have opportunities to co-author publications or present their work at academic conferences alongside their MacPherson Institute partners. Calls for student scholars go out three times a year. For further information, click here.

2023-24 Student Partners

Student Project
Victoria Bui Strategic Foresight for Healthcare Leaders: A Primer
Zachary Gan The Education of Generative AI
Mariam Saleem Student and Instructor Collaborative Learning as Activism: Theorizing Outside of the Classroom
Nicole Rob First Year Experiential Learning


2022-23 Student Partners

Student Project
Jessica Latimer Authentic Assessment in a Programming Class for Linguists: The Creation of a Coding Portfolio
Nicole Rob Assessment and Mapping of First-Year Curriculum Strategies Related to Inclusive Excellence
Jennifer Zhu Differentiating Students-as-Partners from Students-as Employees

Previous Years:

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2020-2021 Artsci Student Partners
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2018-2019 Artsci Student Partners
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2013-2014 Artsci Student Partners

Expandable List

Canadian Anesthesiologists’ Society Annual Meeting (Calgary, Alberta, June 2019)
Ling, C.; Korz, L.; Schandelmaier, S.; Green, A.; Pakkal, O.; Fiala, C.; Monteiro, S.; Scheidecker, A. “Development of Simulation-Based Training Scenarios for Trainees in Chronic Pain Medicine” (presentation)

ISSOTL Conference (Bergen, Norway, October 2018)
Marquis, E., Guitman, R., Nguyen, E., and Woolmer, C. “Identity, Social Location, and Staff Experiences of Pedagogical Partnership” (presentation).

Mercer-Mapstone, L., Acai, A., Guitman, R., Bovill, C., Marquis, E., and Felten, P. “Mind the (Gender) Gap! Challenging Gendered Notions of Expertise through Students as Partners” (panel).

STLHE Network Conference (Sherbrooke, QC, June 2018)
Marquis, E., Jayaratnam, A., Lei, T., and Mishra, A. “Motivations, Barriers, and Facilitators: How Students Perceive Student-Faculty Partnership Programs” (presentation).

Marquis, E., Cheng, B., Nair, M., Roxå, T., Santinele Martino, A. “‘It was very much trial by fire’: Exploring TAs’ Experiences in the Classroom” (presentation).

McMaster Research on Teaching & Learning Conference (Hamilton, ON, November 2017)
Guitman, R., Black, C., and Marquis, E. “Fostering Teaching and Learning Partnerships through an International Summer Institute on Students as Partners” (presentation).

Krishna Prasad, S., de Bie, A., and Marquis, E. “Different ways of Teaching and Learning Together: Facilitating Equity and Inclusion through Student-Faculty Partnership” (presentation).

Marquis, E., Mishra, A., Jayaratnam, A., and Rybkina, K. “Motivations, Facilitators, and Barriers: Student Perceptions of Participating in Student-Faculty Partnership” (presentation).

ISSOTL Conference (Calgary, AB, October 2017)
Marquis, E., Cook-Sather, A., Debie, A., and Krishna Prasad, S. “Seeking to Promote Equity & Inclusion through Student-Faculty Partnership: New Horizons & Underexplored Terrain” (presentation).

Healey, M., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., Black, C., Dvorakova, S., and Guitman, R. “Engaging Students and Faculty in a Summer Institute on Students as Partners” (presentation).

Bunnell, S., Abbot, S., Felten, P., Katznelson, G., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., McCorkle, M., & Swaim, K. “First Year Student Perspectives on SoTL Ethics Revisited: What Now?” (panel).

POD Network Conference (Montreal, QC, October 2017)
Cook-Sather, A., Marquis, E., Debie, A, and Krishna Prasad, S. “’My Perspective Deeply Matters’”: Promoting Equity Through Student-Staff Partnerships” (presentation).

UCL Connected Curriculum Conference (London, UK, June 2017)
Marie, J., Marquis, E., Black, C., Guitman, R., Wentink, M., and Healey, M. “Student-Staff Partnership in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning” (workshop).

Vieru, S., Smith, A., Healey, M., and Power, E. “The Student’s Role in Research-Based Education” (plenary panel).

Marquis, E., Power, E., and Yin, M. “Shaping Higher Education Through Student-Staff Partnership in Research, Curriculum Design, and Pedagogic Consultancy” (presentation).

Healey, M., Marquis, E., Black, C., Dvorakova, S., Guitman, R., and Matthews, K. “Developing International Experiences of Student-Staff Partnerships in Learning, Teaching, and Research in Higher Education” (presentation).

EuroSoTL Conference (Lund, Sweden, June 2017)
Marquis, E., Puri, V., and Johnstone, K. “Patterns of Representation, Patterns of Practice: Exploring the Influence of Popular Films on Teaching and Learning” (presentation).

Nair, M., Cheng, B., Marquis, E., Roxå, T., and Santinele Martino, A. “How do Teaching Assistants make Decisions in the Classroom?” (presentation).

MacPherson International Summer Institute on Students as Partners (Hamilton, ON, May 2017)
Felten, P., Healey, M., Kirby, S., Knorr, K., Marquis, E., Shammas, R., and Woolmer, C. “Change Institute: Developing Students as Partners Initiatives” (3.5-day Institute).

Cavanagh, A., Colvin, E., Kibel, M., Sibbald, S., Wilson, J. “Arts & Science Program Development of Study Abroad as Experiential Learning” (project development at 3.5-day Institute).

CSSHE Conference (Toronto, ON, May 2017)
Marquis, E., Bhasin, S., Jayaratnam, A., Mishra, A., and Rybkina, K. “Excitement, Indifference, and Uncertainty: Exploring Student Perceptions of Student-Faculty Partnership” (presentation).

Marquis, E., Aspenlieder, E., Fenton, N., Knorr, K., McDonald, C., Nakhuda, H., Scott, F., Shammas, R., and Yee, E. “Exploring the Potentials and Pitfalls of Student-Faculty Partnership” (symposium).

ISSOTL Conference (Los Angeles, CA, October 2016)
Dvorakova, L.S., Matthews, K., Akenson, A., Bounds, P., Felten, P., Johnstone, K., Marquis, E., Maurer, T.W., Puri, V., Swaim, K., and Taylor, P. “Engaging Students as Partners in Australia, Canada, UK, and USA: Students and Staff Telling their Stories” (panel).

Marquis, E., Black, C., and Healey, M. “Supporting the Partnership Narrative: The MIIETL Summer Institute and International Experiences of Student-Staff Partnerships” (presentation).

Marquis, E., Johnstone, K., and Puri, V. “Engaging Popular Narratives of Higher Education: SoTL, Public Pedagogy and the Promise of Filmic Analysis” (presentation).

Bunnell, S., Felten, P., Marquis, E., Matthews, K., Abbot, S., and Katznelson, G. “International Student Perspectives on the Ethics of SoTL Research” (presentation).

STLHE Conference (London, ON, June 2016)
Marquis, E., Black, C., and Healey, M. “Empowering Learners and Effecting Change Through Partnership: The ‘Students as Partners’ Summer Institute” (presentation).

University of Guelph Accessibility Conference (Guelph, ON, May 2016)
Brown, K. and Ieshu, R. “Fully Online AODA Compliance Training: Questioning its Effectiveness Through Reflection and Conversation” (presentation).

MIIETL International Summer Institute on Students as Partners (Hamilton, ON, May 2016)
Acai, A., Healey, M., Kirby, S., Knorr, K., Marquis, E., Shammas, R. “Change Institute: Developing Students as Partners Initiatives” (3-day Institute; co-designed by Christine Black).

MIIETL Student Partners Symposium (Hamilton, ON, April 2016)
Brown, K., Harji, K., Ieshu, R., Castrodale, M. “Web-Based Strategy to aid in Compliance with AODA Accessibility Teaching Standards” (presentation).

Johnstone, K., Puri, V., and Marquis, E. “Representations of Higher Education in Film and Media” (presentation).

Liu, A., Marcaccio, A., and Marquis, E. “Current Perceptions and Experiences of Digital Humanities Pedagogy at McMaster” (presentation).

Redda, A., Twells, L., and Marquis, E. “Student Experiences in McMaster’s ‘Global Justice Inquiry’ Course” (presentation).

MIIETL Research on Teaching and Learning Conference (Hamilton, ON, December 2015)
Cockcroft, R., Dunn, K., Kim, J., McCurdy, T., Volterman, K., LoGuidice, A., Kirby, S. “Collaborative Assessment: Research and Implementation across Faculties at McMaster” (presentation).

Marquis, B., Liu, A., Radan, K. “Fostering Creativity within and amongst Disciplinary Communities” (presentation).

Van Egdom, C., van Gastel, G., Turak, A. “The Question of Labs: Questions that the Possibility of Online Laboratories Raise for Accreditation and the Role of the Lab in STEM Education” (presentation).

Winch, H., Shi T., & Cockcroft, R. “Clarifying Uncertainty about Uncertainties: Exploring a Threshold Concept of Error Analysis in Introductory Physics Courses” (poster).

ISSOTL Conference (Melbourne, Australia, October 2015)
Marquis, B., Redda, A.Twells, L. “Leading the Learning of Global Justice: Exploring the Potential of an Interdisciplinary, Community-Engaged Inquiry Course” (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Vancouver, BC, June 2015)
Ahmad, A., Marquis, B., Goff, L., Acai, A., Barrington, J., Brain, R.Charney, D., Cockcroft, R., Fenton, N.E., Radan, K., Swanson, C., Syed, Z. “How Do You Partner with Student Scholars?” (workshop).

Marquis, B., Preston, S., Brain, R.Radan, K., Busser, M., Marquis, N., Levinson, B., Ross, M. “Tuning into the Practice of First-Year Foundations Courses” (presentation).

Symons, S. L., Goff, L., Knorr, K., Cockcroft, R., Robinson, S. J., van Wersch, G., Charney, D., Farquharson, M. J. “New Interdisciplinary Science Course for First-Year Faculty of Science Students: Overview and Results from the Pilot” (poster).

EuroSoTL Conference (Cork, Ireland, June 2015)
Marquis, B., Ahmad, A., Redda, A.Twells, L. “Developing Student-Staff Partnerships through a SoTL ‘Student Scholars’ Program” (presentation).

Marquis, B., Redda, A.Twells, L. “Using SoTL to Develop and Refine an Interdisciplinary Global Justice Inquiry Course” (presentation).

Opportunities & New Directions Conference (Waterloo, ON, April 2015)
Marquis, B., Bertolo, S.Feldman, J., Pantich, L., Ung, C. “Making Creativity Visible: An Examination of the Presence and Positioning of Creativity within Undergraduate Course Outlines” (presentation).

Lin, E., Marquis, B., McKinnon, V.Wojcik, C. “Making Visible Instructors’ Use and Perceptions of Film as a Teaching and Learning Tool” (presentation).

MIIETL Research on Teaching & Learning Conference (Hamilton, ON, December 2014)
Cockcroft, R., Charney, D., Maclachlan, J., Chiappetta-Swanson, C., Knorr, K., Goff, L. “Impact and Perception of New Science 1A03 Course” (presentation).

Marquis, B., Preston, S., Busser, M., Brain, R.Radan, K., Marquis, N., Levinson, B. “Investigating the Efficacy of a Social Sciences Foundations Course” (poster).

ISSOTL Conference (Quebec City, QC, October 2014)
Marquis, B. and Henderson, J.A. “Teaching for Creativity in and across Disciplines” (presentation).

STLHE Conference (Kingston, ON, June 2014)
Marquis, B., Ahmad, A., Goff, L., Knorr, K., Puri, V.Vassileva, I.Wan, S.Woo, J. “Transforming McMaster’s Teaching & Learning Institute by Engaging Students as Partners” (panel).

Publications Featuring Artsci Student Partners

Johnstone, K., Marquis, E., and Puri, V. “Public Pedagogy and Representations of Higher Education in Popular Film: New Ground for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning.” Submitted for publication in Teaching and Learning Inquiry 6:1 (2018).

Marquis, E., Guitman, R., Black, C., Healey, M., Matthews, K.E., and Dvorakova, S. “Growing Partnership Communities: What Experiences of an International Institute Suggest about Developing Student-Staff Partnership in Higher Education.” Innovations in Education and Teaching International (2018).

Marquis, E., Jayaratnam, A., Mishra, A., and Rybkina, K. “‘I feel like some students are better connected’”: Students’ Perspectives on Applying for Extracurricular Partnership Opportunities.” International Journal for Students as Partners, 2:1 (2018): 64-81.

Marquis, E., Redda, A., and Twells, L. “Navigating Complexity, Culture, Collaboration, and Emotion: Student Perspectives on Global Justice and Global Justice Education.” Teaching in Higher Education (2018).

Acai, A., Kirby, S., and Shammas, R. “Reflections on an International ‘Change Institute’ for Students as Partners: A Student Perspective.” International Journal for Students as Partners 1:1 (2017).

Cliffe, A., Cook-Sather, A., Healey, M., Healey, R., Marquis, E., Matthews, K.E., Mercer-Mapstone, L., Ntem, A., Puri, V., and Woolmer, C. “Launching a Journal About and Through Students as Partners. International Journal for Students as Partners 1:1 (2017).

Marquis, E., Black, C., and Healey, M. “Responding to the Challenges of Student-Staff Partnership: Reflections of Participants at an International Summer Institute.” Teaching in Higher Education (2017).

Marquis, E., Haqqee, Z., Kirby, S., Liu, A., Puri, V., Cockcroft, R., Goff, L., and Knorr, K. “Connecting Students and Staff for Teaching and Learning Inquiry: The MIIETL Student Partners Program.” Disciplinary Approaches to Connecting the Higher Education Curriculum. Eds. D. Fung, V. Tong, and B. Carnell. London: UCL Press, 2017. 203-216.

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Marquis, E., Fudge Schormans, A., Jung, B., Lukmanji, S., Wilton, R., and Baptiste, S. “Developing Inclusive Educators: Enhancing the Accessibility of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.” The International Journal for Academic Development 21:4 (2016): 337-349.

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Marquis, E., Puri, V.Wan, S., Ahmad, A., Goff, L., Knorr, K., Vassileva, I., and Woo, J. “Navigating the Threshold of Student-Staff Partnerships: A Case Study from an Ontario Teaching and Learning Institute.” The International Journal for Academic Development 21.1 (2016): 4-15.

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Farran, Y. and Shammas, R.  The Faculty Accessibility Resource Guide. 2014. <>

Accepted for Publication (proposal; final version in preparation)

Cook-Sather, A., Krishna Prasad, S., Marquis, E., and Ntem, A. “Mobilizing a Culture Shift on Campus: Underrepresented Students as Educational Developers.” Accepted for publication in New Directions for Teaching and Learning.

Marquis, E., Power, E., and Yin, M. “Promoting and/or Evading Change: The Role of Student-Staff Partnerships in Staff Teaching Development.” Accepted for publication in The Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Marquis, E., Cheng, B., Nair, M., Santinele Martino, A., and Roxå, T. “Cues, Emotions, and Experiences: How Teaching Assistants Make Decisions about Teaching. Accepted for publication in The Journal of Further and Higher Education.

Submitted (under review)

Guitman, R., and Marquis, E.  “Considering the Relationships between Partnership and Social Change.” Submitted for publication in The Power of Student-Staff Partnership: Revolutionizing Higher Education. Eds. L. Mercer-Mapstone & S. Abbot. Calgary: University of Calgary Press.

Marquis, E., Black, C., Guitman, R., Healey, M., and Woolmer, C. “From the ‘Micro’ to the ‘Mega’: Toward a Multi-Level Approach to Supporting and Assessing Student-Staff Partnership.” Submitted for publication in Global Perspectives on Student Engagement in Higher Education: Models for Change. Eds. T. Lowe & Y. El Hakim. Routledge.

Marquis, E., Johnstone, K., and Puri, V. “Just Entertainment? Student and Faculty Responses to the Pedagogy of Films about Higher Education.” Submitted for publication in Pedagogy, Culture, and Society.

Marquis, E., Wojcik, C., Lin, E., and McKinnon, V.  “‘Powerful learning tool’ or ‘Cool factor’? Instructors’ Perceptions of Using Film and Video within Teaching and Learning.” Submitted for publication in The Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching & Learning.