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Arts & Science Program

Alumni Experience Inquiry (3CU3)

Using an inquiry methodology, students will explore the practical applications of an interdisciplinary degree through interaction with, and mentorship from, graduates of the Arts & Science Program. Emphasis will be on problem-based learning, with the professional experiences of alumni informing the exploration of complex and multifaceted issues. Three hours; one term

2017-22 Instructor: DR. MAT SAVELLI

The theme of the course is Idealism and Pragmatism in Life and the Workplace. Students will be encouraged to move beyond the dichotomization of idealism and pragmatism to assess the complex ways in which these philosophies play out in everyday life, particularly within the world of work. They will both gain exposure to the wide career possibilities open to Artsci graduates and develop an understanding of how an interdisciplinary education might shape responses to the demands of pragmatism and idealism.

ARTSSCI 3CU3 Alumni Mentors

Alumni Mentors: Sarah Angus, Robert Bertolo, Christine Black, Robert Brookfield, David Campbell, Miranda Carlson-Strain, Alice Cavanagh, Albert Chen, Cindy Chen, Dimitra Chronopoulos, Eileen Church Carson, Stephen Clare, Heather Cohen, Julie Compton, Julia Croome, Laura Diachun, Zsuzsi Fodor, Emily Fong, Michael Gallea, Rob Gillezeau, Liana Glass, David Goodwin, Harriet Greenwood, Kristina Han, Nicole Heilbron, Michael Hewlett, Michelle Hudson, Caitlin Jago, Rahim Jamal, Jennifer Kalnins Temple, Jocelyn Kennedy, Jill Kooymans, Kelly Lau, Michael Law, Raymond Lawlor, Christopher Leckenby, Adelaide Leo, Effie Lin, Mike Livingston, Jessica Marangos, Griffin Marsh, Deirdre Mulcahy, Ana Nikolic, Mat Noble-Wohlgemut, Allison O’Halloran, Alexia Olaizola, Irena Papst, Carolyn Pecoskie, Ian Philp, Prav Pillay, Rosanne Pop, Kristina Powles, Anu Rao, Sahar Raza, Melissa Ricci, Veronica Sacco, Shohinee Sarma, Sarah Silverberg, Cynthia Soulliere, Nadia Stuewer, Lauren Tabone, Chioma Ume, Desiree Valaderes, Dave VanderBurgh, Xochil Warden, Catherine Weibe, Victoria Weaver (Hitchmough), Tricia Wind, Jeff Wyngaarden, Peter Wyngaarden

Alumni Mentors: Dave Anderson, Harjot Atwal, Jamie Beverley, Matthew Blackshaw, Adriana Brook, David Campbell, Miranda Carlson-Strain, Meg Casson, Rebecca Castelino, Alice Cavanagh, Albert Chen, Heather Cohen, Sam Colbert, Laura Collinson, Eamon Colvin, Julie Compton, Alon Coret, Nathan Cupido, Anna D’Angela, Steph Drouin, Tasneem Essaji, Kayla Esser, Ashley Faye White, Shawn Fazel, Kira Feldman, Arianne Flemming, Alessandra Gage, Katherine Georgious, Kristina Han, Maysa Haque, Michael Hewlett, Michelle Hudson, Caitlin Jago, Kristin Janson, Jocelyn Kennedy, Katherine Kitching, Michael Law, Nicola Lemmer, Jacob Letkemann, Anne Malee van Koeverden, Tushar Mehta, Julie-Anne Mendoza, Carita Ng, Mat Noble Wohlgemut, Alexia Olaizola, Arjun Patel, Carolyn Pecoskie, Ian Philp, Prav Pillay, Kristina Powles, Meghan (Burke) Provost, Melissa Ricci, Erica Roebbelen, Hiral Shah, Stephanie Wan, Xochil Warden, Victoria (Weaver) Hitchmough, Catherine Weibe, Courtney Wilson, Jeff Wyngaarden, Peter Wyngaarden

Alumni Mentors:
Asim Alam, Dave Anderson, Melissa Appleton, Christine Black, Ken Blonde, Timothy Bourns, Britt Braaten, Adriana Brook, Robert Brookfield, David Campbell, Michael Cannon, Michael Capitano, Meg Casson, Stephen Clare, Heather Cohen, Sam Colbert, Julie Compton, Laura Diachun, Farzana Doctor, Jeannette Eby, Resham Ejaz, Tasneem Essaji, Kira Feldman, Cary Ferguson, Nathan Flis, Rob Gillezeau, Simon Gooding-Townsend, Lauren Gorfinkel, Harriet Greenwood, Emily Groot, Stephanie Hewson, Kathleen Huth, Aaron Jacobs, Caitlin Jago, Evan Jones, Alexis Karasiuk, Leanna Katz, Donald Kerr, Mia Kibel, Regine Krechowicz, Yang Lei, Jacob Letkemann, Robin Liu Hopson, Diane Meronyk, Alexis Motuz, Lori Nemoy, Carita Ng, Mat Noble-Wohlgemut, Kara O’Brien, Jennifer Payne, Carolyn Pecoskie, Ian Philp, Prav Pillay, Meghan Provost, Lyanne Quirt, Nina Rabinovitch Blecker, Kaila Radan, Michelle Reid, Katie Reszitnyk, Melissa Ricci, Jill Rice, Erika Richter, Samantha Rossi, Josh Ruf, Brianna Smrke, Madeleine Springate-Combs, Nadia Stuewer, Saad Syed, Vivian Tam, Christina Vietinghoff, Alice Wang, Xochil Warden, Kristen Webster, Catherine Weibe, Peter Wyngaarden, Jeff Wyngaarden

Alumni Mentors: Amanda Bell, Rachel Brain, Adriana Brook, Jackie Brown, David Campbell, Jennifer Caskie, Ally Chandler, Cindy Chen, Eamon Colvin, Julie Compton, Anna D’Angela, Liz Darling, Laura Diachun, Monika Dutt, Jeanette Eby, Alexandra Epp, Tasneem Essaji, Yara Farran, Shawn Fazel, Cary Ferguson, Zsuzsi Fodor, Suzan Fraser, Meagan Gerein, Simon Gooding-Townsend, Becky Heinmiller, Michelle Hudson, Aaron Jacobs, Caitlin Jago, Kim Joo Eun, Leanna Katz, Dan Lawlor, Farah Mawani, Tushar Mehta, Ashley Mercer, Alexis Motuz, Deirdre Mulcahy, Carita Ng, Wendy Nguyen (Ho), Mat Noble-Wohlgemut, Joanna Oda, Jennifer Payne, Carolyn Pecoskie, Praven Pillay, Meghan Provost (Burke), Ryan Quinn, Erica Roebbelen, Tej Sheth, Brianna Smrke, Sarah Solman, Shohreh Soltaninia, Nadia Stuewer, Chioma Ume, Peter Wyngaarden, Melissa Yuan-Innes

Alumni Mentors: Eleanor Alexander, Caitlin Allan, Melissa Appleton, Neila Bazaracai, Vasiliki Bednar, Timothy Bourns, Robert Brookfield, Merrilee Brown, David Campbell, Janice Chan, Heather Cohen, Laura Collinson, Julie Compton, Laura Diachun, Sandra Duffey, Tasneem Essaj, Jon Farrow, Cary Ferguson, Zsuzsi Fodor, Emily Groot, Amy Hondronicols, Michelle Hudson, Aaron Jacobs, Caitlin Jago, Leanna Katz, Jill Kooymans, Alenia Kysela, Michael Law, Yang Lei, David Mackenzie, Erin Marchington, Tushar Mehta, Deirdre Mulcahy, Carita Ng, Carolyn Pecoskie, Kara O’Brien, Praven Pillay, Heather Read, Lyndall Schumann, Kerry Scott, Karen Shin, Nadia Stuewer, Jordan Thomson, Chioma Ume, Adira Winegust, Mat Wohlgemut, Peter Wyngaarden, Melissa Yuan-Innes

2014-16 Instructor: Laura Fenwick-Sehl

Students were offered an opportunity to explore the practical applications of an interdisciplinary degree through interactions with Arts & Science alumni. The course covered a variety of themes including social justice, diversity and intersectionality, social capital, and education and social mobility. Alumni mentors fulfilled one of three roles: class facilitators, job shadow supervisors, or informational interview participants.

ARTSSCI 3CU3 Alumni Mentors

Alumni Mentors: Caitlin Allan, Melissa Appleton, Amanda Avila, Cindy Chen, Dimitra Chronopoulos, Sarah Colman, Liz Darling, Laura Diachun, Farhana Dossa, Jeanette Eby, Shawn Fazel, Cary Ferguson, Zsuzsi Fodor, Suzan Fraser, Carly Gaylor, Krista Graham, Becky Heinmiller, Timothy Ho, Amy Hondronicols, Michelle Hudson, Nadine Ijaz, Kristin Janson, Evan Jones, Jocelyn Kennedy, Mary Koziol, Rosalee Lahaie, Alanna Magder, Clara Matheson, Bruce Miyashita, Alexis Motuz, Angela Nardozi, Wendy Nguyen, Hilary Noad, Erin O’Neil, Tej Seth, Hiral Shah, Brianna Smrke, Bridget Steele, Nadia Stuewer, Jordan Thomson, Mat Wohlgemut, Peter Wyngaarden, Leslie Zamojc

Alumni Mentors: 
Eleanor Alexander, Caitlin Allan, Melissa Appleton, Justin Bothwell, Britt Braaten, Sarah Colman, Liz Darling, Sarah Dobson, Sarah Doyle, Monika Dutt, Jeanette Eby, Tasneem Essaji, Cary Ferguson, Suzan Fraser, Carly Gaylor, Rob Gillezeau, Dylan Jones, Evan Jones, Katherine Kitching, Dan Lawlor, Alanna Magder, Shoshana Magnet, Stephanie McLarty, Chiara Meneguzzi, Diane Meronyk, Alexis Motuz, David Ng, Hilary Noad, Kate Parizeau, Pravin Pillay, Nitasha Puri, Lyanne Quirt, Jill Rice, Sarah Roger, Kerry Scott, Nadia Stuewer, Peter Wyngaarden

2012-14 Instructors: Stephanie Howells and Mary Koziol

Term I of the 2012-13 fall/winter session brought to life the inaugural year of ARTSSCI 3CU3 / Alumni Experience Inquiry, co-facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Howells and Arts & Science Alum Mary Koziol. The 23 students enrolled in the course were encouraged to explore the topics of social change and leadership through the lens of the Arts & Science Alumni experience, and to reflect critically on their own academic and personal journeys.

Each student was assigned both a Mentor and a Job Shadow Supervisor (who were often, but not always, the same Artsci alum), and the class featured 21 presentations from visiting Alumni throughout the term. Alumni Mentors came from a diverse array of professional backgrounds, including law, health care, journalism, urban planning, academia, government and public policy, business and entrepreneurship, international aid work, and fine art and film design. The geographical location of the Alumni Mentors was similarly widespread, ranging from the Greater Toronto/Hamilton Area to New York City, Goose Bay, Labrador, and Juba, South Sudan (needless to say, not all of the Alumni Mentor presenters were able to attend class in person). Students’ job shadow placements mostly took place in the GTHA, though there were exceptions, such as the two students who travelled to New York City for a weekend.

Students were intrigued to discover the unorthodox and often unexpected trajectories that Alumni career paths had followed, and to see how Alumni continue to enact the values of the Arts & Science Program, as they find unique ways to blend and apply their diverse interests, overcome disciplinary (and other) boundaries, and think critically and ethically within their personal and their professional spheres. It became increasingly evident that even some of our most seasoned Alumni still struggle to answer the elusive question, “What do you want to do with your life?”, thus furthering the conviction that whether student, alum, or faculty member, we will all remain “Artsci, ’til we die!”

The course enjoyed a second highly successful year in 2013-14 under the co-facilitation of Stephanie Howells and Mary Koziol, both of whom are pursuing career opportunities elsewhere, but maintain their ties to McMaster’s Arts & Science Program.

ARTSSCI 3CU3 Alumni Mentors

Alumni Mentors: Caitlin Allan, Vasiliki Bednar, Heidi Carrubba, Ann Dahmer, Sarah Doyle, Jeanette Eby, Laura Fenwick-Sehl, Suzan Fraser, Carly Gaylor, Nicole Kallmeyer, Helen Kang, Raymond Lawlor, Michael Livingston, David Matyas, Stephanie McLarty, Alexis Motuz, Erin O’Neil, Kate Parizeau, Daniel Penn, Lyanne Quirt, Cynthia Soulliere, Eric Tam, Michon Williams, Mat Wohlgemut

Alumni Mentors: Vass Bednar, Mark Busser, Heidi Carrubba, Jeanette Eby, Suzan Fraser, Carly Gaylor, Larry Innes, Nicole Kallmeyer, Caroline King, Stephanie McLarty, Bruce Miyashita, Alexis Motuz, Tara Muzumdar, Lily Panamsky, Kate Parizeau, Jillian Smith, Cynthia Soulliere, Eric Tam, Allison Thornton, Daniel Wilson, Mat Wohlgemut, Peter Wyngaarden