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Arts & Science Program

ARTSSCI 3F03 / Experiential Project in Teaching & Learning

This course (ARTSSCI 3F03) allows students to explore in depth an issue related to teaching and learning in higher education under the supervision of McMaster faculty and/or staff affiliated with the Paul R. MacPherson Institute for Leadership, Innovation and Excellence in Teaching (MacPherson Institute). Students may propose research questions of their own or contribute to the development of existing initiatives within the MacPherson Institute.

Course Coordinator: Dr. Beth Marquis

Course Proposal Form Deadlines:

  • 1 May 2024 for Term I
  • 1 December 2024 for Term II
  • 1 April 2025 for Spring/Summer Term


Student Supervisor Title
2023-2024 Term I
Zachary Gan Dr. Alpha Abebe An Examination of ChatGPT through Critical Pedagogy
2018-2019 Term II
Anjali Sergeant Dr. Nadine Ijaz Beyond Binaries: Collaborative Educational Debate
2016-2017 Term I
Gali Katznelson Dr. Beth Marquis International Perspectives on the Ethics of SoTL Research
2015-2016 Term II
Veronica Sacco Dr. Deepak Dath Medical Education Project: Preparation of Video-Based Modules
2014-2015 Term I
Mythili Nair Dr. Beth Marquis An Exploration of Priorities for Teaching and Learning Research
2013-2014 Term II
Vivian Tam Dr. Beth Marquis Development of a Global Justice Hub at McMaster
2013-2014 Summer
Hailey Slaviero-McCarthy Dr. Beth Marquis Wellness 2.0: Finding Balance in the Technological Age

The research conducted by the first student to complete ARTSSCI 3F03 (Vivian Tam), about effective means of teaching global justice courses, was used to inform the development of ARTSSCI 3GJ3 / Global Justice Inquiry. An expanded version of this work, co-authored by Vivian and Dr. Beth Marquis, was published and can be viewed here.