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ARTSSCI 4MN2 / Movement and Integration

ARTSSCI 4MN2/ Movement and Integration (2019-20)

4MN2 is an experiential learning course that draws on three groups of students: Level-IV Arts & Science students who were on exchange (or an equivalent experience) last year (2018-19), Level-III Arts & Science students preparing to study abroad in 2019-20 Winter term, and international students here at McMaster on exchange in Fall 2019.

This two-unit course, which brings together Arts & Science students and international exchange students, prompts critical reflection on the experience of studying in unfamiliar terrain and challenges students to imagine ways of integrating their experiential learning into their lives. Ultimately, the course aims to help students develop an ongoing practice of reflective, lifelong learning.
The course is evaluated on a Pass/Fail basis.

Instructors: Dr. Jean Wilson and Prof. Hartley Jafine
Term: 1 (Fall 2019)

The class schedule for ARTSSCI 4MN2 consists of a half-day session on Saturday 21 Sept. 2019; intermittent sessions in Oct. and Nov. in the Monday 6-8pm time slot; and a final half-day session at the end of term, which concludes with a potluck meal. Precise class dates, times, and location can be found on the course outline here.

Please note: To accommodate students who require completion of three units, ARTSSCI 4MN1 / Local Explorations is a one-unit course that may be taken in addition to the two-unit 4MN2 course.

Students who would like permission to enrol in ARTSSCI 4MN2 should contact Arts & Science Academic Program Administrators Shelley Anderson or Ginni Dhaliwal as soon as possible (enrolment is limited). If you have questions, please contact Shelley or Ginni by email or phone.