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Arts & Science Program

B.Arts Sc. (Honours)

Honours Arts & Science degree requirements.


Completion of Arts & Science I with a grade point average of at least 6.0.


  1. Six units from the following list are required: ARTSSCI 3B03, 3BB3, 3RL3/3S03. Students who choose to take ARTSSCI 3RL3 or 3S03 may only use one of those courses towards satisfying 3 units of the requirement. Additional units from this list may be included as an elective with permission of the Director.
  2. Twelve units of Upper-Level ARTSSCI Inquiry beyond Level I are required. Of these 12 units, only 3 units can come from Level III Inquiry courses (ARTSSCI 3C03, 3CL3, 3CU3, 3EH3, 3GJ3, 3TR3); at least 9 units of Level IV Inquiry courses (ARTSSCI 4CB3, 4CD3, 4CF3, 4CI3, 4CP3, 4CT3, 4DS3, 4EP3, 4GS3, 4HS3, 4LI3, 4LT3, 4MB3, 4ST3, 4VC3) are required. Additional units of Upper-Level ARTSSCI Inquiry may be included as an elective with the permission of the Director.
  3. Students who are planning to combine Arts & Science with Physics are strongly advised to take PHYSICS 1C03 and 1CC3 in Level I, in lieu of ARTSSCI 2D06 in Level II.
  4. Six units of individual study or thesis are required. Special permission may be granted to take 9 units (ARTSSCI 4A09, 4C09). Electives will be adjusted accordingly.

Course List 1



120 units total (Levels I-IV), of which 48 units may be Level I

24 units ARTSSCI 1A03, 1AA3, 1B03, 1BB3, 1C06, 1D06
  6 units from Course List 1 (requirement must be completed by the end of Level II)
18 units ARTSSCI 2A06, 2D06, 2E03, 2R03 (see Note 3)
  6 units from ARTSSCI 3B03, 3BB3, one of 3RL3/3S03 (see Note 1)
  3 units Level III or IV ARTSSCI Inquiry (see Note 2)
  9 units Level IV ARTSSCI Inquiry (see Note 2)
  6 units from ARTSSCI 4A06, 4C06 (see Note 4)
48 units Electives