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Arts & Science Program


Welcome to the Arts & Science video gallery! Here, we showcase some of the amazing work being carried out by Artscis.


13 November 2019


Three Arts & Science students and one Program graduate visit Fogo Island in Newfoundland and Labrador for the experiential learning opportunity of a lifetime.

“I Didn’t Think I Would Graduate”

10 June 2019


When Keerthi Manimaran walked across the stage to receive her Arts & Science degree, she did a lot more than graduate from university. She overcame the impossible. Because, three years ago, she was in an intense fight for her life.

Choir and Community

8 April 2019


Second-year Arts & Science student Zachary Levine runs a choir for people with Parkinson’s disease, helping them experience the therapeutic power of singing. As Zach says in the video, “we come together, we sing… and we’re really looking at building a community for people with Parkinson’s.”

“Feel the Fusion” (Act I)

23 March 2019


The year is 2219. Earth is recovering from a catastrophe called The Fission, during which a hoard of Sasquatch unleashed great calamity upon the planet. The last remaining humans are holed up on what remains of McMaster University’s campus. Separated into small hostile factions — Engineers, HealthScis, Commerce, Humanities, and Kinesiology students — the survivors avoid total apocalypse thanks to the timely arrival of two time-travelling Arts & Science students. Or so went the story of the third annual Artsci Musical.

“Feel the Fusion” (Act II)

23 March 2019


Part two of the third annual Arts & Science Musical, “Feel the Fusion.”

2019 New World of Work Forum

2 March 2019


Held at the David Braley Health Sciences Centre in downtown Hamilton, this exciting forum is designed to help Artsci students gain exposure to the dynamic world of work through the perspective of Program grads.