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Arts & Science Program

ARTSSCI 4A06/4C06 / Individual Study/Thesis

Course Coordinator: Dr. Jean Wilson

2021-22 Projects

Student Supervisor Title
Rabeeyah Ahmed Dr. Arig al Shaibah The Role of Human Rights Education in the Classroom
Sarun Balaranjan Anton Piatigorsky Oreos, Twinkies, Coconuts, Delicious: A Coming-of-Age Novel
Justine Becker Dr. David Goutor Poverty Reduction through UBI in Canada
Nicolas Belanger Ryan Quinn Free Information: A Concept Album on Vulnerability
Tessa Bray Dr. Mayu Nishimura Exploring the Visual Interpretation of Music
Luke Brenton Dr. James King Fed the Fantastic: Editing a Comedic Fantasy Novel
Ingrid Campbell Dr. Jeremy Hirota Virtual & Remote Healthcare
Andrew Canete Dr. Chris Ling Analyzing the Role of Consumers’ Self-Control Behaviour
Henry Challen Dave Heidebrecht A Framework for Independent Projects in CityLAB
Nicole Coxson Dr. Caitlin Mullarkey Social Response in Vaccine Hesitancy
Isabel Diavolitsis Dr. Christina Baade Popular Music and Social Change: A Case Study of BLM
Andrew Dissanayake Dr. Noam Soreni Ethnic Differences in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Miruna Dragomir Dr. Stephanie Springgay Role-Playing Games as Community Engaged Art
Joshua Durand Dr. Andrea Zeffiro Realities of Online Streaming for Twitch Streamers
Ryan Edwards Dr. Johannes Steizinger Nietzsche on Value and Meaning
Adeola Egbeyemi Anton Piatigorsky Untitled Political Novella
Graeme Fishman Dr. Ranil Sonnadara Educational Aesthetics: Learning and Classroom Design
Lia Fraleigh Dr. Catherine Connelly How Social Media Has Altered the Music Industry
Pukhraj Gaheer Dr. Matthew Lanktree The Role of SHROOM3 in Kidney Development and Disease
Yona Grossman Dr. Steven Brown Aligned vs Disaligned Conversation Dynamics
Christina Hamilton Dr. Mat Savelli The Concept of the Introvert in Social Media
Michaela Hill Hartley Jafine Exploring MAID through Arts-Based Research
Catherine Hu Dr. Ryan Wiley Tackling INT Salmonella Vaccine and Access Challenges
Evin Huang Dr. Lara Housez Seasons of Rent: A Podcast
Dania Igdoura Dr. Inder Marwah Democracy in Libya: Where It’s Been & Where It’s Going
Morghen Jael Dr. Stephanie Springgay Responses of Ontario Museums and Galleries to COVID-19
William King Dr. Jonathan M. Reeves Gaming: Its Value to the Classics
Sophie Leslie Dr. Anastasios Papanastasiou Psychosocial Effects of COVID-19 Policies on Students
Emily Louro Dr. Sarah Brophy Confessional Writing in a Normalizing Society
Torrin Maag Dr. Dana Hollander Paranoid Encounters: Buber, Sedgwick, and YouTube
Quinn Macpherson Dr. Brian Baetz Building Community and the Value of Participation
Micah Maerov Dr. Meirav Jones Religion and the Funding of Ontario Schools
Gillian Maltz Anton Piatigorsky A Theatrical Talmudic Exploration of Rashi’s Daughters
Zia Mawani Hartley Jafine Play: Supporting Empathy and Communication in LTC
Faris Mecklai Dr. Arig al Shaibah The Humanization of Dehumanization
Julia Menezes Dr. Brian Baetz Tactical Urbanism: Theory and Practice
Hayley Miller Dr. Fanny Macé The Efficacy of the Duolingo App for FSL Learning
Simon Minich Dr. Brent McKnight Collaborative Design Events and Social Innovation
Arooba Muhammad Robert Spree Exploration of Health through Literature and Art
Rachel Murgel Dr. Iris Bruce Existentialism in Literature
Ezra Nadler Dr. Steven Brown Comparing Casual and Fictional Conversations
Daniela Pantusa Rachael Finnerty The Impact of Music on the Development of Self-Identity
Mark Pillai Dr. Dan Bosnyak Psycho-Physiological Impacts of Infrasound
Hina Rani Dr. Jeffery Donaldson Let’s Kill the Mayor: A Podcast
Ariella Ruby Anton Piatigorsky Untitled Fantasy Novella
Rachael Shannon Dr. Mat Savelli Read it on Reddit: Politics & Tolerance
Sonia Silva Dr. Melanie Bedore The Elephant in the Critical Race Pedagogy Classroom
Nicole Strader Dr. Steven Brown Analysis of Creative Trajectories in Creative Writing
Lizabeth Teshler Dr. Ayse Kuspinar Quality of Life Assessment in Health Care
Hannah Tsilfidis Hartley Jafine Effects of Divorce through the Lens of Young Adults
Sneha Wadhwani Dr. Amber Dean Transformative Justice for Gender-Based Violence Survivors
Abigail Willms Dr. Robert Henderson Creative Depictions of Human-Nature Relationships
Linnea Wrazej Dr. Anastasios Papanastasiou Environmental Impacts of Cryptocurrency
Elizaveta Zvereva Dr. Jeffery Donaldson Psychological Analysis of Dostoyevsky’s Characters

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