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Arts & Science Program

ARTSSCI 4A06/4C06 / Individual Study/Thesis

Course Coordinator: Dr. Beth Marquis

2022-23 Projects

Student Supervisor Title
Dalton Bath Dr. Inder Marwah Can Agamben Explain Social Struggles?
Medha Bhushan Dr. Wendy D’Angelo Two Lost Vultures: A Fantasy Novel
Anitra Bowman Dr. Mat Savelli 20th Century Drug Education
Caroline Bredin Dr. Brian Baetz The Architecture of a Home
Jessie Chan Dr. Hong-jin Sun Human Selective Attention for Signals about Race
Miruna Dragomir Dr. Catherine Grisé Memoirs of a Monster: A Dark Fantasy Novella
Kelly Du Konrad Swierczek Orchestral Compositions
Maya Eriksen Dr. Syrus Marcus Ware She/He/It Follows: Trans History in the Horror Film
Rachel Fisman-Guarascio Dr. Stacey Ritz Canada’s Sexual Behaviour Screening for Blood Donors
Luisa Gherghel Dr. Eugène Nshimiyimana Le role de la femme: Vaste et la Prison
Oishee Ghosh Dr. Qiyin Fang In-Home Sleep Monitoring for Neurodegenerative Diseases
Nisha Gill Dr. Ingrid Waldron Bill C-226 and Racialized Communities
Kneisha Harder Dr. Basit Kareem Iqbal Refugee Health: Determinants, Policies and Care Access
Jaclyn Holdsworth Dr. Wendy D’Angelo A Novella
Gillian Irwin Anton Piatigorsky Occupied Freedom: Stories of Estonian Resistance
Charlotte Johnston Anton Piatigorsky Arthur, Port Arthur: Fictional Short Stories
Nashita Junaid Dr. Elizabeth Darling Expanding Midwifery via Participatory Action Research
Grace Kim Dr. Nibaldo Galleguillos Exploitation of Labour by Multi-National Corporations
Elle Klassen Dr. Aytak Akbari-Dibavar Embodied Experiences of Gender Beyond the Binary
Adrienne Klein Dr. Michael Egan It Came from our Environment: Eco-Monsters in Cli-Fi
Ivan Kredl Dr. Mat Savelli Urban Design and Mental Health in Hamilton, Ontario
Ju Eun Lee Dr. Anastasios Papanastasiou COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy and Effective Interventions
Gabrielle Maerov Dr. Kathryn Mattison Homer’s Odyssey: An Interpretive Translation
Tharmeega Manimaran Dr. Yan Stainova Dance as Activism for Eelam Tamils in the Diaspora
David Mason Dr. Joseph Sokalski Roomate: A Screenplay
Rachel Mery Dr. Meridith Griffin Older Women’s Perception of Body Image through Sports
David Mikhail Dr. Dena Zeraatkar Reporting on Primary Outcomes for Patients with ME/CFS
Phoebe Newton Hartley Jafine Life Force: An Auto-Ethnographic Survey of Anorexia
Kira Piroonsit Dr. Julija Kelecevic An Analysis of Deviance in Crime Fiction
Sharang Sharma Dr. Cyril Levitt Marx and Value in Sociological Theory
Derek Shen Dr. P.K. Rangachari Stigmeta: A Creative Gaze
Chloe Sloan Hartley Jafine Play V. Productivity
Maria Treash Dr. Kate Whalen An Intersectional Analysis of Hamilton’s Water Policies
Maya Verma Dr. Teresa (Terry) Bennett Caregiver Attributions of ASD and Family Mental Health
Tess Vosper Dr. Sue Becker Sports Imagery and Episodic Future Thinking
Dylan Wall Dr. Karen Balcom Battered Woman Syndrome as a Legal Defense in Canada
Elise Wan Dr. Anita Acai Sexual Assault Training at McMaster University
Anna Waschuk Dr. Jeremy Cohen Emergence of Climate Change as an Evangelical Issue
Ezekiel Wilson Dr. David Ogborn Expanding the Limitations of the Voice
Audrey Wu Dr. David Clark Following Derrida in The Animal that Therefore I Am
Inaya Yousaf Hartley Jafine A Theatre-Based Study on Homelessness and Healthcare
Maya Zabian Dr. Christina Baade The Political Dimensions of Queer Popular Music
William Zhang Dr. Bradley Ruffle Cheating on a Budget: An Experimental Investigation

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