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Arts & Science Program

ARTSSCI 4A06/4C06 / Individual Study/Thesis

Course Coordinator: Dr. Jean Wilson; Course Outline

2020-21 Projects

Student Supervisor Title
Evan Alderman Dr. Greg Flynn University Student Participation in Election Voting
Adan Amer Dr. Karen Balcom Canadian Women and Access to Voluntary Sterilization
Zoe Bernicchia-Freeman Dr. David L. Clark Societal Perceptions of Disability: Deafness in Ontario
Meghan Bird Dr. Tina Fetner Female Sexual Pleasure Misconceptions among Young Adults
Sophie Brunas Dr. Rob Wilton Information and Access on Campus in the Digital Age
Anna Buhrmann Dr. Esme Fuller-Thomson Determinants of Older Adults’ Health
Adrian Cook Dr. Adam Van Tuyl
Dr. Jenna Rajchgot
Symbolic Defect of the Edge of Ideals of Circulant Graphs
Maanvi Dhillon Dr. Inder Marwah Participatory Democracy: Theory and Practice
Elise Durie Dr. Susie O’Brien Climate Change Literature
Mateusz Faltyn Dr. Ryan Van Lieshout Still-Face and Deep Learning
Hannah Feldman Dr. Jim Dunn Neighbourhood Disorder and Healthy Child Development
Parnika Godkhindi Dr. Tim O’Shea Harm Reduction Services for People of Colour in Hamilton
Jessica Grondin Dr. David L. Clark Words of Wisdom: 10 Secondary Level Lesson Plans
Paige Guyatt Dr. Beth Marquis The Use of Birth Control among University Students
Elias Hartman Dr. Sarah Symons Canadian Mathematics Pedagogy in the Internet Age
Robert Jewiss Dr. Beth Marquis The Evolution of Comedy in the 20th and 21st Century
Julia Knez Anton Piatigorsky Intergenerational Storytelling on Climate Change
Robert Kurdyak Dr. David Lozinski Impact of Music Streaming Services on Music
Elias Larrazabal Dr. Russell de Souza Systemic Review of Genetic Association of GDM
Natasha Lee-Diemert Dr. James Gillett Domestic Pet Ownership in Artsci
Zachary Levine Dr. David Earn Modelling the Dynamics of COVID-19
Romi Lifshitz Dr. Giuseppe Melacini Investigation of Disease-Related Protein Mutations Using NMR
Rachel MacDougall Dr. Liss Platt Hospitality in the Context of Body Dysmorphia
Daniella Mikanovsky Dr. John Maclachlan Snow Removal of Pedestrian Pathways in Hamilton
Rhea Murti Dr. Greg Flynn Indigenous People and the Criminal Justice System
Mateo Newbery-Orrantia Ben Bahrami Varsity Athlete Perspectives on Student S&C Coaches
Brianna Reed Hartley Jafine PUN: A Play on Words
Anand Sergeant Dr. Jim Dunn Health Inequalities in Hamilton Neighbourhoods
Shunmathi Shanmugam Dr. Jim Quinn McMaster University’s Green Reinvestments
Kartik Sharma Dr. John Lavis Evidence Needs for the Sustainable Development Goals
Lauren Smith Dr. John Maclachlan The Hamilton City Aviary
Julia Tazzeo Dr. Melanie Bedore Do We Sacrifice Health for Economy?
Alexandra Toma Dr. Miroslav Lovric Communicating Risk through Probabilistic Scenarios
Ryan Tse Dr. Magda Stroinska Linguistic Analysis of Bernie Sanders’ Rhetorical Strategies
Jesaya Tunggal Dr. Steven Brown Effects of Narrative Linearity on Plot Structure in Video Games
Daniel Van Veghel Dr. Michael Mercier Downtown Renewal: Oshawa’s Plan against Suburbanization
Gillian Vasoff Dr. Christine Wilson Star Formation Rates in Regular and Starburst Galaxies
Gillian Young Dr. Aubrey Cannon Ownership and Repatriation of Cultural Artifacts
Tracey (Mengjing) Yu Dr. Lynda Lukasik Municipal Climate Emergency Declarations in Ontario

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