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Arts & Science Program

ARTSSCI 4A06/4C06 / Individual Study/Thesis

Course Coordinator: Dr. Beth Marquis

2023-24 Projects

Student Supervisor Title
Noa Agid Dr. Vinai Bhagirath Biomarker Changes in Peripheral Artery Disease
Lily Belluz Dr. Catherine Grisé Evil and Villainy in Fairy Tales and Gothic Tales
Ella Brown Hartley Jafine Planning for Death Won’t Kill: A Research-Based Play
Anthony Cherubini Dr. Meirav Jones Towards Indigenous Religious Freedom in Canadian Law
Shealynn Coffey Dr. Adrienne Davidson Media Framing of Ontario’s Covid-19 Response
Sarah De Buono Dr. Elizabeth Alvarez Covid-19 Physical Distancing Policies and Epidemiology
Samuel DePaul Dr. Chris McLaughlin Reimagining the Chedoke Civic Golf Course
Adda Epstein-Shapiro Dr. Liz Darling Critical Analysis of YouTube Content About Birth
James Esemu-Ezewu Dr. Christina Baade
Dr. David Ogborn
Autobiography Through Hip Hop and Rap
Alisa Faingersh Dr. David L. Clark On the Pedagogy of Pedagogy
Navin Garg Dr. Ann Fudge Schormans Alopecia: Conformity and Resistance
Nisha Gill Dr. Adrienne Davidson Marginalized Communities and Online Harms Regulation
Joshua Gillesby Dr. Meirav Jones Religion and Dobbs v. Jackson (2022)
Sarah Gillies Dr. Brian Timmons Health Indicators in Children with Chronic Disability
Olly Griesbach Dr. Stacey Ritz Discourses of Sex and Gender in Psychology Education
Rana Guler Dr. Aytak Akbari-Dibavar Narratives and Autoethnographic International Relations
Serena Habib Dr. Meredith Griffin
Aly Bailey
Lived Experiences of PMDD: A Qualitative Exploration
Alexander Harris Dr. Graeme Luke Characterization of Single Crystal Quantum Materials
Anna Harris Dr. Nik Penner Linguistic Accommodation, Social Media, and Slang
Madeleine Harvey Dr. Mat Savelli Neoliberal Narratives: Exercise Mental Health Treatment
Amarah Hasham-Steele Dr. Daniel Coleman Gender Engendered: A Novella
Jessica Ho Dr. Andrea Zeffiro The Digital Maker Experience in the Public Library
Wim Howson Creutzberg Dr. Stefan Sciaraffa Hard Comparisons in Global Priorities Research
Dania Igdoura Dr. Louis A. Schmidt Personality and Socioemotional Development in Children
Ariana Jaspal R. James McKinlay Evaluating and Strengthening Health Systems in NSW
Cameron Johnsen Dr. Stephen Jones Racial Wage Inequality in the NFL’s Quarterback Market
Zara Khan Dr. Matt Valeriote Exploring an Open Problem in Mathematical Logic
Maryam Khan Dr. Bonny Ibhawoh The Impact of Imperialism on Pakistan’s Development
Bohmee Kim Dr. Jim Dunn Re-Visiting the Hamilton Neighbourhood Action Strategy
Zoe Komlos Dr. David Goutor AI in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Skin Cancer
Allegra Kortes-Miller Dr. Jenna Smith-Turchyn Life After Sport for Women Post-Competitive Career
Mitchell Lane Dr. P.K. Rangachari Ethics in Digitized Therapy
Malikca Lawrence Dr. Joseph Okeme Assessing Exposure to Consumer Products Chemicals
Tess Macdonald Dr. Iris Bruce Between the Lines: Teaching with Children’s Literature
Bronwyn MacLeod Dr. Mat Savelli The Efficacy of Standardized Psychiatric Medications
Disha Manek Dr. Bonnie Freeman The Rooted Scars That Ring the Unbearing Tree
Tharmeega Manimaran Dr. Yana Stainova Dance as Activism for Eelam Tamils in the Diaspora
Simon Marsello Dr. Chad Harvey In the Weeds: Invasive Plants in Urban Landscapes
Rachel Mathew Dr. Nicole K. Dalmer Exploring Societal Pressures on Aging Women
Ekta Mishra Dr. Emmanuel Guindon Impact of Aid Funding on Maternal/Infant Health in Chad
Emily Murphy Dr. Mat Savelli University Students: Social Dynamics of Communal Living
Flynn O’Dacre Dr. Emily Choy Variation in Black-Legged Kittiwake Energy Expenditure
Emily Osborne Dr. Kathryn Mattison Classical Reception Through a Feminist Lens
Catherine Ott Dr. Mathew Mercuri Issues of Consent in Health Research
Kayla Overholt Dr. Briano Di Rezze Exploring the Utility of a Decision Tree for the ACSF
Jossia Rana Dr. Ranil Sonnadara Creativity in Medical Education
Ramona Ribaudo-Begin Dr. Karen Kidd The Effect of Pollution on Aquatic Organisms
Sanjana Shah Dr. James Ingram Hannah Arendt as a Storyteller
Rachela Smith Dr. Jianping Xu Analyzing Mushroom Species’ Mechanical Properties
Christopher Smolej Dr. Claire Yun-Ju Chen
Dr. Stelios Georgiades
Parent-Report Behavioural Outcomes in Autistic Children
Nathaniel Steeves Dr. Michael Mercier Reutilizing Hamilton’s Downtown Spaces
Sydney Szijarto Dr. Tracy McDonald Experiences of Reproductive Control in the Soviet Union
Kimia Tahaei Dr. Christine Quail Racial Casting in ‘Bad Girls Club’: Power & Profit
Aaron Taylor Dr. Colin Kretz HRG Inhibition of VWF Platelet-Binding Activity
Saskia Tholen Dr. Inder Marwah Hungary’s Precarious Democracy: A Political Theory Lens
Inaya Vallely Dr. Christine Quail Architecture Speaks: Designing Inclusive Spaces
Meiqi Wang Aly Bailey
Dr. Meridith Griffin
Students, Disability and Exercise: A Qualitative Study
Sydney Wisener Dr. Robert O’Brien The Consequences of Geoengineering
Natalie Wisotsky Dr. Milena Head Understanding Scam Victimization of Older Adults
Danielle Wohl Dr. Grace Lynn Kehler Little Wrongs: A Short Story Collection
Jennifer Zhu Dr. Chad Harvey Assessing Aims of Interdisciplinary Higher Education

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