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Arts & Science Program

ARTSSCI 4A06/4C06 / Individual Study/Thesis

Every Arts & Science student planning on taking a level IV individual study or thesis course should carefully review the course outline.

Couse Coordinator: Dr. Jean Wilson

2019-20 Projects

Student Supervisor Title
Momina Abbas Dr. Yaron Shargall Readmission Outcomes: SJHH vs. Other Hospitals
William Alexander Dr. James King Novella
Meena Alnajar Dr. Juliet Daniel Mechanisms of Triple Negative Breast Cancer
Luiza Araujo Dr. Emad Mohammad Social Business: Tools to Create Effective Social Change
Andrew Barrigar Anton Piatigorsky Fabric of a Paradigm: A Story of Science as Fiction
Morgan Blimkie Dr. John Maclachlan Spatial Inequalities in Hamilton and Student Perceptions
Sarah Brooks Dr. Nibaldo Galleguillos Reform of the Educational System and Development
Jessie Cartoon Dr. Miroslav Lovric Modeling the Severity of Allergic Reaction to Peanuts
Jessica Chhin Dr. Amber Dean Asian Diasporic Women Writers
Ava Corey Dr. Liz Darling Current Understandings of Midwifery Practice
Emily Cowley Dr. Beth Marquis How Digital Lenses Mediate Relationships
Tashyana Davidson Dr. Sandra Lapointe Humour and Humans
Savroop Dhanju Dr. James Benn Religion and Health Care
Matty Flader Dr. Kristin Patterson The Portrait as Process, Product, and Provocateur
Antoine Fougere-Ramsamooj Dr. Roger Hyman Mental Health and its Representation in Comic Books
Tiana Gammie Dr. Mat Savelli MHPSS NGOs: The Ethics and Effectiveness
Anna Gorman Dr. Richard Harris Benefits of Green Infrastructure in Public Housing
Lillian Green Dr. Karen Balcom Hysteria and Gendered Medical Diagnoses
Jessica Gut Dr. Catherine Frost Reading Hannah Arendt on Education
Naomi Halbert Dr. Liz Darling Effect of Stress During Pregnancy on Health of Fetus
Angel Huang Dr. Greg Flynn Student Engagement in Undergraduate Political Science
Matthew Ing Dr. Mat Savelli (Post)colonial Perspectives in Narrative Medicine
Martha Kilian Dr. John Maclachlan Impacts of Orientation Programs on University Transition
Kiana Klassen Dr. Beth Marquis JUMPSUIT: Opting-Out of Fashion
Veronica Klassen Dr. John Maclachlan Maori Storytelling and Geologic Phenomena
Adrienne Klein Dr. David Clark Hospitality and Local Indigenous Peoples
Lynaea Korol-Filbey Dr. Mat Savelli The Commodification of Female Happiness
Katja Korol-O’Dwyer Dr. Mat Savelli Advertising Health to Consumers within the Food Industry
Nicholas Leslie Dr. Brian Baetz Reinvigorating a “Timeless Way of Building” with AV Tech
William Li Dr. Richard Harris Chinese Immigration and Settlement in Richmond, BC
Maxwell Librach Hartley Jafine Impacts of Applied Theatre on Healthcare Professionals
Ivana Massabki Hartley Jafine Applied Drama in the Education of STEM Professionals
Patrick McArthur Dr. Chelsea Mackinnon Intergenerational Music Volunteering and Mental Health
Ian McIntosh Dr. Melanie Bedore The Role of Local Assets in Community Development
Teagan Miller Dr. Kristin Patterson The Female Nude in Art and Medicine
Taddeo Moretti Dr. Brian Baetz Hamilton Sustainable Solutions and Community Effects
Samantha Myers Dr. Louis Schmidt Children’s Temperament and Emotional Regulation
Thomas Nachshen Dr. Steven Brown The Shapes of Plots for Novels
Elaina Nguyen Dr. Nadine Attewell Refugee Experiences of Education in Literary Texts
Natalie Palumbo Dr. Vanina Dal Bello-Haas Physical Activity Interventions for Adults with Dementia
Alana Park Dr. Daniel Coleman Investigating Place in Magwood
Sarisha Philip Dr. Jennifer Stearns Characterization of Colonies in the Gut Microbiome
Sophie Poinar Dr. Arig al Shaibah Emerging Case Law: Free Speech v. Hate Speech
Josha Rafael Dr. Chelsea Gabel Indigenous Health in Canada and New Zealand
Robert Redelmeier Dr. P.K. Rangachari Evolving Coverage in Universal Healthcare Systems
Emma Reilly Dr. Mat Savelli Medical Students’ Perspectives on Mental Health
Adam Sapa Dr. Beth Marquis Difference in the Surrealist Work of David Lynch
Nicholas Schmid Dr. James King Burning Shadows: Finishing a Novel
Kajaani Shanmugarajah Dr. Briano DiRezze
Dr. Peter Rosenbaum
Autism and Cultures
Kiran Sharma Dr. Brian Baetz Creating Sustainable Communities
Grant Sweeny Dr. Catherine Connelly Managerial Leadership Behaviours
Isabel Taylor Dr. Tara Marshall Gender Roles, Stigma, and Fertility in Crisis
Sophia Topper Dr. Randy Jackson Indigenizing Harm Reduction and the Yukon
Janelle Treash Dr. Alan Chen Philosophy and Quantum Mechanics
Tarek Umedaly Dr. Steven Brown Personal Narrative: Structure and Performance
Tasneem Warwani Dr. John Lavis Rapid Learning Health System Characteristics
Elena Wells Dr. Mat Savelli Caffeinated Campus
Michelle Xu Dr. Ameil Joseph East Asian Experiences of Gender, Race, and Autism
Michelle Zilbergerts Anton Piatigorsky Framework

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