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Arts & Science Program


The individual and collective expertise of Arts & Science faculty members, many of them award-winning teachers, enables the Program to continue to forge new ground in undergraduate education in Canada. Our instructors, who have diverse disciplinary backgrounds, work closely with students in the creative process of interdisciplinary inquiry.

Faculty Member
Office Hours
Arig al Shaibah Dr. Arig al Shaibah x 27581
Vass Bednar Prof. Vass Bednar 647-801-5856
Alan Chen Dr. Alan Chen x 27096
Dr. David L. Clark x 23737
Dr. Becca Collins-Nelsen Dr. Becca Collins-Nelsen TBD
Daniel Coren Headshot Dr. Daniel Coren x 23881
Wendy D'Angelo Dr. Wendy D’Angelo x 24780
Kim Dej Dr. Kim Dej x 27621
Henry Giroux Dr. Henry Giroux x 26551
David Goutor Dr. David Goutor x 27292
Megumi Harada Dr. Megumi Harada x 23432
Roger Jacobs Dr. Roger Jacobs x 27350
Hartley Jafine Prof. Hartley Jafine x 26729
Meirav Jones Dr. Meirav Jones TBD
Stephen Jones Dr. Stephen R.G. Jones x 23822
Prof. Matthew Jordan x 26729
Travis Kroeker Dr. Travis Kroeker x 23385 Mondays 8:30-9:30am
David Lozinski Dr. David Lozinski x 23409
Prof. Pasha Malla Prof. Pasha Malla TBD x 26729
Dr. Beth Marquis x 27665
Prof. Danielle Martak Prof. Danielle Martak  x 26729
Dr. Kristin Patterson x 26729
Anton Piatigorsky Prof. Anton Piatigorsky x 26729
P K Rangachari Dr. P.K. Rangachari x 21559
Mat Savelli Dr. Mat Savelli x 24166
Jean Wilson Dr. Jean Wilson x24656
Adrianne Xavier Dr. Adrianne Xavier TBD

NEWS OF Former Faculty Members and Program Directors