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McMaster Discovery Program Inspires a Passion for Lifelong Learning
From Artsci Website & McMaster Daily News, 11 December 2019
The McMaster Discovery Program is many things — it’s a gateway to education, it’s a community engagement initiative, and, for the 19 Hamilton residents who graduated from the program this past weekend, it was the academic opportunity of a lifetime.

The McMaster Discovery Program Knocks Down Barriers to Post-Secondary Education
From Artsci Website & McMaster Daily News, 13 December 2018
This past weekend, perseverance was on full display at the Council Chambers in Gilmour Hall, as graduates of the McMaster University Discovery Program walked across the stage to receive their hard-earned certificates.

McMaster Discovery Program Celebrates Its Seventh Year of Learning for Learning’s Sake
From McMaster Daily News, 14 December 2017
The McMaster Discovery Program, run by the Arts and Science program and supported through the Office of the President, offers adults in the community who face barriers to education the chance to take a university-level course at no cost.

Discovery 1A03
From The Silhouette, 19 October 2017
How McMaster is providing once in a lifetime opportunities through learning and discovery.

Universities Dismantle Ivory Towers
From, 15 November 2016
It’s the most macabre field trip we’ve heard of. In the fall of 2015, 22 participants in a McMaster University program hiked to a cemetery in Hamilton, Ont., to view the graves of city residents who died in the 1918 influenza pandemic.

Discovery Program Offers Something for Everyone
From McMaster Daily News, 12 December 2014
It’s impossible to say who learns more in McMaster’s Discovery Program: the community members who get their first taste of university learning, or the people who organize their weekly classes.

Experiential Learning at the Heart of Discovery
From McMaster Daily News, 6 May 2014
When McMaster students Pawan Aulakh and Jackie Brown joined the Discovery Program they thought they would be helping to teach others.

A University Program that Offers Discovery for Everyone
From McMaster Daily News, 16 December 2013
It’s hard to say who learns most from McMaster’s Discovery Program, wrapping up its third annual session with a graduation program for 20 students on Saturday, Dec. 14.

Discovery Students Get a Taste for University
From The Hamilton Spectator, 15 December 2013
Even blizzard-like conditions couldn’t stop Michele Desjardins from attending her graduation ceremony.

“Why We Are Here” — McMaster Discovery Program: A Journey into the Community
From The Silhouette, 14 February 2013 by Arts & Science student Karen Wang
The first thing I noted about Peggy-Anne when I met her on orientation night were her twinkling eyes and her radiant smile.

Quilt Tells Tale of Local Stops on Slave Railroad
From The Hamilton Spectator, 17 December 2012
Helen Johnston didn’t even know what McMaster University’s discovery course entailed. She just knew she wanted in.

How a Second Chance at University in Hamilton is Changing Lives
From CBC News, 14 December 2012
On her first day of class, Helen Johnston turned 65. She’s the oldest student in the room and she says it seemed like the right time to try something new.

Discovery Program Opens Avenues between Community and University
From McMaster Daily News, 18 October 2011 by Wade Hemsworth
A class of 22 Hamiltonians from diverse backgrounds came together recently for an educational experience that might otherwise have seemed inaccessible to them.