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Arts & Science Program

Artsci Students Discuss Their Experience as USRA Recipients

USRA recipients

Every summer, students from the Arts & Science Program go their separate ways. Many work at summer jobs and/or take a course or two, while some from out of town return home to recharge with friends and family, and a few travel the world. But six especially lucky ones spend their summers doing something entirely […]

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Arts & Science Students Play Pivotal Role at Gandhi 150 Conference

Gandhi 150 Conference

In early October, hundreds of forward-thinking community members descended on the McMaster Innovation Park to participate in the Gandhi 150 Conference, “Waging Action on Hate and Racism.” Inspired by the Gandhian values of nonviolence, well-being of all, and soul force, the conference was designed as a response to the growing levels of hate in Hamilton, […]

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An Experiential Learning Adventure in the Easternmost Corner of Canada

Students on Fogo Island

About 3,000 kilometres away from McMaster University, nestled in the easternmost corner of Canada, lies a small outport island called Fogo. Enigmatic in that it is both little-known and also world-renowned, the island is culturally rich, full of vibrant and hospitable people, and is the only place on the planet that experiences seven different seasons […]

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The Renaissance Award: A Summer on Sustainable Farms

Renaissance Award Winners

By Megan Watson & Avery McNair Originally published in the McMaster Daily News School offers an incredible outlet to education; however, the classroom is not the only setting in which McMaster students are learning. Megan Watson and Avery McNair are 2019 graduates from the Faculty of Health Sciences and Arts & Science respectively. Together they […]

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Three Artsci Students Embark on a Year-Long International Fellowship

McCall MacBain Fellowship

Designed to immerse students in a culture new to them for an entire year, the McCall MacBain International Fellowships aim to nudge their recipients outside of their comfort zones, deepen their cultural understandings, and help them build lasting ties to faraway places. These once-in-a-lifetime exchange opportunities are being piloted by John McCall MacBain and his wife Marcy, […]

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Trees@Mac: An Artsci-Developed Site That Catalogues Trees on Campus

Tree on McMaster Campus

Lindens and pines and burs — oh my! Whether you’re in Gilmour Hall, the hospital, or across Cootes in the Campus Services Building, a quick peek out of the nearest window will no doubt showcase a handful of the many different tree species that call McMaster University home. Inspired by that, the Arts & Science […]

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Artsci Course Enables All-New Exchange Experience for Students

Students on exchange

Did you know that up to 25% of Arts & Science students spend all or part of their third year studying abroad? In any given semester, you’ll find Artscis far afield — Japan, Singapore, Australia, or New Zealand; Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, or the Netherlands; Israel, Lebanon, Colombia, or Uruguay. And while the benefits of […]

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Artsci Students Discover Novel Uses for Underutilized Wood

Artsci students in the Dundas Valley

From poplar and tamarack to white birch and cedar, a handful of tree species that grow in Ontario’s boreal forest produce wood types that have an underdeveloped commercial market. As a result, many forest management companies elect not to harvest these trees, despite the important role harvesting plays in suppressing wildfires, maintaining habitats, and preventing […]

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Arts & Science Students Shine in Third-Annual Artsci Musical

Cast and crew of Artsci musical

The year is 2219. Earth is recovering from a catastrophe called The Fission, during which a hoard of Sasquatch unleashed great calamity upon the planet. The last remaining humans are holed up on what remains of McMaster University’s campus. Separated into small hostile factions — Engineers, HealthScis, Commerce, Humanities, and Kinesiology students — the survivors […]

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