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First-year Arts & Science Capstone Project: April Louie

April Louie

Winter 2024 Capstone Project Title: The Commodification of the Womb

Project Description: My Capstone project highlights transnational surrogacy, which is the practice where individuals mainly from developed countries in the Global North pursue the services of a gestational surrogate in the Global South. The surrogate carries and delivers a child for them, but has no genetic tie. I specifically focused on how the surrogacy industry in India is driven by a capitalist system, which reinforces and perpetuates gendered, racial and socioeconomic oppression.

The 1C06 Capstone experience: In a small group session we had last semester we had a discussion about abstract industries as profitable markets and women’s reproduction was brought up as an example. I was interested in this topic and read about transnational surrogacy in India. Many scholars talked about the detriment to women’s rights because of the capitalist nature of this industry. The poster discussions helped me dive into a more nuanced understanding through my peers asking me questions that I would have never thought of on my own.

Key Takeaways: The impact that capitalist systems can have on individuals’ livelihood and specifically women’s rights.

April Louie Capstone Poster

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