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2020 New World of Work Forum

The New World of Work Forum, founded in 2017 by Arts & Science grad Bruce Miyashita, is graciously funded by the Tom & Nancy Miyashita Arts & Science Program Enrichment Fund. The forum aims to support students in understanding and communicating their professional value to the dynamic world of work.

The theme for the 2020 New World of Work Forum is “Breaking Down Career Silos.” We hope to challenge you in the way you view careers (both individually and on a broader scale), and expose you to the ever so nuanced ways different occupational fields intersect. You will have the opportunity to hear from Artsci alumni who have taken non-linear career journeys, and meaningfully engage with alumni working in a multitude of career fields.


Click here for Bruce Miyashita’s Introductory Remarks.

Bruce Miyashita Bruce Miyashita (B.Arts Sc. 1984)
Bruce divides his time between the Tom & Nancy Miyashita Foundation which he formed in 2015 in honour of his late parents and his consulting practice Miyashita Advisory. Read more here.

Keynote Speakers

Nisha Thampi Dr. Nisha Thampi (B.Arts Sc. 2002)
Dr. Nisha Thampi is a pediatric infectious diseases physician and Assistant Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Ottawa. She graduated from the Arts & Science Program in 2002 and completed her medical school, pediatrics residency, and subspecialty training in infectious diseases at the University of Toronto. She pursued her MSc degree in Public Health (Health Economics) from The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and a clinical research fellowship in antimicrobial stewardship, prior to joining CHEO in Ottawa as medical director of the infection prevention and control program. Through her academic, administrative, and clinical roles, she has been committed to promoting the prevention of healthcare-associated infections and antibiotic resistance.
Kerry Scott Dr. Kerry Scott (B.Arts Sc. 2007)
Dr. Kerry Scott is a social scientist interested in gender, accountability, community participation, and power in health systems. She has examined these topics through a variety of studies, including on the performance of India’s ASHA community health workers, an impact evaluation of India’s Kilkari maternal mHealth messaging program, and longitudinal implementation research on strengthening India’s village health, sanitation, and nutrition committees. Kerry received her PhD in International Health (2016) from Johns Hopkins University, her MSc in Health, Community and Development (2008) from the London School of Economics, and her B.Arts Sc. (2007) from McMaster University, Canada. She is associate faculty in Health Systems at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health and an independent research consultant.


Heather Cohen Heather Cohen (B.Arts Sc. 2009)
Heather serves as legal counsel in the market regulation branch of the Ontario Securities Commission. Prior to her role at the OSC, she worked for Legal Aid, non-profits, the United Nations, and a large international law firm. She has drafted submissions for all levels of court in Ontario and for both the Canadian and the American supreme courts. Her publications have focused on international, securities, and corporate corruption law, as well as responsible investing.
Erik Brown Erik Brown (B.Arts Sc. 2015)
Erik Brown (Class of 2015) is a research analyst specializing in geopolitics at the Global Risk Institute (GRI), a Toronto-based think tank focused on emerging risks to the Canadian financial services industry. Erik has served as a course assistant to Dr. Mike Durland, Professor of Global Practice at the Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, supporting a graduate seminar on risk and risk governance. He is a co-founder of the Global Risk Observatory (GRO) and an alumnus at Massey College, Toronto. Erik previously worked at Melancthon Capital Corporation and the Office of Applied Research and Innovation at Sheridan College, and holds a Master of Global Affairs (MGA) from the Munk School.
Shawn Fazel Shawn Fazel (B.Arts Sc. 2012)
Shawn graduated from Arts & Science in 2012 and was coerced into graduate school. He started in risk management in Toronto and then New York. He switched to trading and now trades Canadian listed equity derivatives for RBC Capital Markets.
Corey Osborne Corey Osborne (B.Arts Sc. 2014)
Corey has spent most of his career working in hospitals. His roles have ranged from guiding strategic planning with executives to implementing new models of care with frontline clinicians and operations leads. He graduated from Arts & Science with a combined degree in Biology, followed by a Master of Business Administration from McMaster as well.
Kelly Speck Kelly Speck
Kelly has completed a BSc in Biology from UBC and a Master of Biomedical Communications from the U of T. Kelly’s creativity and background in biomedical communications have made her an expert at breaking down and visualizing complex processes and outputs.

Video interviewees

Please find the video interviews here.

Stephen Clare Stephen Clare (B.Arts Sc. 2015)
Stephen is an Applied Researcher at Founders Pledge, a community of entrepreneurs that have pledged to give a percentage of their personal proceeds from selling their companies to charity. As a researcher, Stephen evaluates charities working on everything from improving animal welfare to reducing existential risks and recommends the most cost-effective ones to Founders Pledge members. Previously, he worked in international development, spending time with the UN Development Programme in Rwanda and the Food and Agriculture Organisation in Panama. Stephen graduated from Arts & Science in 2015 and received his M.Sc. in Renewable Resources from McGill in 2018.
Monika Dutt Monika Dutt (B.Arts Sc. 1999)
Monika Dutt is a McMaster Artsci grad, class of 1999. She is the child of parents who immigrated from India and is a settler on Unama’ki, unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq People, also known as Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She is a family physician and specialist in Public Health and Preventive Medicine. She has worked in northern Saskatchewan, NWT, northern Ontario, Nova Scotia, and several First Nations. She is on the Boards of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, the Broadbent Institute and the YMCA of Cape Breton. She adores playing outdoors with her adventurous eight-year-old son.
Simon Gooding-Townsend Simon Gooding-Townsend (B.Arts Sc. 2013)
Simon never could figure out whether he wanted to study math or history, and so graduated
from Arts & Science in 2013, combining in history and doing a math and stats minor. He combined his love of the Artsci community and outdoors by leading the Artsci canoe trip. Despite not doing particularly well in argumentation, Simon has a penchant for being logical. No one was particularly surprised when he went to law school at the U of T. Simon combined his law degree with a Master of Public Policy because he wanted a broader perspective. He now works at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal supporting Members (they decide cases, like judges). Simon enjoys the variety of work, wonderful colleagues, and value the Tribunal provides the public. Previously, Simon worked to improve ethics in municipal government (Collingwood Judicial Inquiry) and clerked at the Divisional Court in Toronto (like a research assistant for judges).
Tushar Mehta Tushar Mehta (B.Arts Sc. 1993)
After my degree in Arts & Science, I completed medical school and then residency in family medicine. I have practiced family and addictions medicine, and but currently work as an ER physician. For a long while I dedicated one month a year to work at a hospital in rural India, but for the past three years I have joined a project in Haiti, which is run by a small group of local Haitians. As a physician, I have used my skills for a mission with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, where we spent several months in Antarctic waters to protect whales from hunters. Similarly, I use my medical background to learn and teach about the scientific evidence for plant-based diet regarding health, ecology, and global food security. I am keenly interested in local and global issues, and the intersection of human, animal, and planetary issues. The global ecological crisis has not been curbed. I am interested in the root causes of such problems and the role of ethics and compassion in the creation of real solutions. There is a paradox where young students are full of thought and caring, which most often dissipates after graduation and merger with mainstream society. What can we learn now that will balance pragmatism and our highest ideals as new generations shape the world?
David Sandomierski David Sandomierski (B.Arts Sc. 2001)
David Sandomierski is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Law at Western University. He strives to enhance the capacity of legal education to cultivate versatile professionals and critical, engaged citizens. In pursuit of this mission, he integrates diverse scholarly interests in Contracts, comparative legal thought, legal history, and the empirical study of legal education. David earned his SJD from the University of Toronto. Prior to that, he studied common and civil law at McGill University, where he was Editor-in-Chief of the McGill Law Journal. In 2008-09, he served as law clerk to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin at the Supreme Court of Canada. David is a former Vanier Scholar, Loran Scholar, and Parliamentary Intern. He graduated from the Arts & Science Program at McMaster in 2001, where he taught Legal Inquiry from 2011-16.


Mark Belan Mark Belan (B.Arts Sc. 2013)
Mark Belan graduated from the Arts & Science Program (Combined Honours Biology) in 2013. He then completed his MSc in Geochemistry and Astrobiology at McMaster and his MSc in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto. Mark works as a creative strategist for INVIVO Communications, a medical visualization company that combines literal art and science to create visual educational experiences for medical and pharmacological companies. He also freelances as a scientific visual communicator, working with clients ranging from St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton to NASA. His trajectory post-Artsci has seen a variety of networking and employment opportunities and continues to blend both arts and science experiences.
Jon Farrow Jon Farrow (B.Arts Sc. 2014)
Jon Farrow graduated from the Arts & Science Program in 2014 with a combination in Origins. Afterwards, he moved to the UK to study and work in science communication, where he researched, produced, wrote, and presented for organizations including the Edinburgh Science Festival, the Science Museum, and the Royal Institution. Now back in Canada at CIFAR, he crafts engaging science stories for traditional and social media.
Fiona Woticky Fiona Woticky (B.Arts Sc. 2019)
B.Arts Sc. (combined honours in Business) and Masters of Supply Chain Management. I am currently working as a Business Development Analyst at the Centre for Global Enterprise, helping Canadian businesses scale globally. This coming August, I will be working at Deloitte in their consulting practice for supply chain IT implementations. The Artsci Program was essential to getting me here today; I am able to offer clients a (wait for it…) interdisciplinary perspective to their business needs, something many professionals can’t.

Forum Project Management Team

Ryan Edwards Ryan Edwards
Ryan is a third-year Arts & Science student, who is currently pursuing a combined honours degree in Mathematics. Ryan is passionate about helping Arts & Science students explore all the career paths that are available to them, including paths that are more unconventional. He is looking forward to connecting alumni with current students, to show them the many interesting and unique journeys Arts & Science graduates have taken in their lives.
Julia Menezes Julia Menezes
Julia is a second-year Arts & Science student, currently uncombined and happy to be exploring courses in political science and sustainability. While volunteering as a Content Coordinator for the 2019 New World of Work Forum, she was struck by the diverse and unconventional career paths of Artsci alumni. This year, she is excited to work as a member of the Student Project Management Team to explore what it means to have a “career” and bring the experiences of Artsci graduates to current Artsci students.
Emma Yim Emma Yim
Emma is in her fourth (but not final) year of Arts & Science with a combination in multimedia. She still mumbles incoherently when asked: “What do you want to do after graduation?”, so she is excited to be part of creating a forum that may help her fellow undecided classmates gain new insights in their own search for answers to that question. After having a meaningful experience in ARTSSCI 3CU3 (Alumni Experience Inquiry), she is especially eager to connect with more Artsci alumni! Emma hopes to be published in some capacity one day and/or swim with whale sharks.
Gillian Young Gillian Young
Gillian is a third-year Arts & Science student combining in Anthropology with interests in archaeology, particularly the repatriation of cultural artifacts, genetics, and epidemiology. After volunteering as a Content Coordinator for the 2019 New World of Work Forum, she was happy to become part of the Student Project Management Team for the 2020 conference. She is excited to meet alumni, learn about their experiences, and bring awareness to all Arts & Science students about the types of opportunities available to them.

Student Volunteer Team Members

Rabeeyah Ahmed (Level II), Maryam Akhtar (Level I), Luiza Araujo (Level IV), Andrew Canete (Level II), Andrea Chang (Level I), Maanvi Dhillon (Level III), Miruna Dragomir (Level II), Evin Huang (Level II), Abigail Hudecki (Level IV), Daniela Pantusa (Level II), Hanna Rao (Level I), Maya Verma (Level I), Audrey Wu (Level I), Liza Zvereva (Level II)

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